Quit WoW Addiction, Win at Life.

How WoW affected me.

-15 server transfers (25$ per = $325)
-7 faction changes (30$ per = $210)
-Approx. 3.5 years of monthly subscription ($17 per = $714)
-Mounts, & buying accounts ($225)
-Software for 2 accounts ($60 per = $120)

Total approximate financial cost: $1594

Personal affects:
-I have refused countless friend offerings to go to some non-wow thing
-I have refused numerous intimate encounters with an ex-girlfriend
-I have been on the phone with family/friends while playing
-Shame when I was playing, not exactly sure why, think I was a closet player in my life

-Many nights gone without sleep and going to work the next day
-Many times logging off and eyes hurting, head spinning, and "dreaming" of wow
-Shitty ass diet

In-game story:

I distinctly remember telling myself on my first druid "Once I get my epic land mount, I should quit" At the time, this mount&training cost me 1000g and that was really hard for my newbie self to earn. Didn't quit. This was BC and so I levelled up to 68 and got away with a cheap flight form. I then said to myself "Once I get my epic flight form, I should quit." The memory of getting epic flight form is fuzzier than getting epic land which suggests the addiction had began to spread. I was naive at one point in thinking "Once I hit 60, surely I will have no desire to continue to play"

Continuing on with the mount theme, on my shaman in Wotlk, I said to myself "Once I get 50 mounts, I should quit". This I remember distinctly doing, manually deleting all items and the the characters on my shaman and a few other toons. A couple days pass and I send a pleading email to blizzard support claiming that my account was hacked and all my characters were gone. I got a response saying that *so and so* could be recovered which was essentially 95% of what I had had. And so I continued to play, actually rather enjoying Wotlk.

Eventually cata came out, by which point I had deleted my shaman again and other toons and had a new druid and dk. Through some brute brute grind I for some reason put myself through levelling archeology in hopes to get the dragon recipe for alchemy. I got really bored with the game really fast (not by any means having run out of content, just bored), being bored coupled with people's increasing lack of patience within groups led me to "quit" in which I gave away this iteration of my "life's" earnings of 15k worth of stuff and gold (hey it was a lot to me). Shortly after that, I was day-dreaming and was like "Hey, I should make a rogue and be crazy good at 85". Got the rogue up to 70 and said fuck it. Once more I have deleted my toons, all I can hope is that I will not go back. Reading all your posts and doing one of my own have really been helpful in accepting that this game's addictive structure truly is epic.

"GG blizzard, you got me good, I was not prepared"


How its addicting.

The biggest illusion in the game is that you have

control in the building oy your character. YOU DONT

The game is heavily manipulted by WOW. Your

character is toned down at some point in the game.

The battlefields are toned down as well. Thats why

weeks go by and your side sucks.

After things start to suck you have have 2 choices

to make. Start a new character or play all the

levels out hoping your character will revive. It

doesnt and you start another character. This repeats

over and over.

Your chasing a carrot on a stick. Hard core drug

addicts call there addiction "Chasing the draggon".

Get it?


drugs, homeless, lost my son, foreclosed upon

I had it all... a son, owned a house, a great paying job, a handsome boyfriend, and great friends and family. This is until I found WoW in 2005.

My addiction caused me to neglect my boyfriend to the point that he started a Role Play relationship with a girl we played WoW with and he ended up meeting her and cheating on me. We struggled to keep it together but our relationship fell apart.

About a year later, I lost my job. I played WoW non-stop and was only getting 2-3 hours of sleep a night, which made me tardy and absent a lot. A single parent with a huge mortgage and no job is depressing so I got more into WoW. About 5 months after I lost my job, my 4-year old son was removed from my custody because I would no longer cook for him, bath him, take him to appointments, etc. Then just 9 months after I lost my job, my house was foreclosed on. I really didn't care. Loosing my son let me play WoW uninterupted. Loosing my home wasn't a concern as long as it didn't cut into my WoW time.

I started out living with my parents but after only 3 days of them yelling at me about playing WoW, my Dad unplugged my PC while I was in the middle of a raid. I couldn't stay there. I moved in with a WoW friend that lived about an hour from my parents. I was there 3 months and he was making it clear he expected sex in payment of me living there free, and I refused. Eventually, he took my stuff and set it on the curb. I walked to the library, where I could communicate with my WoW freinds and I immediately got Paypal so I could get a bus ticket to Washigton (all the way across the county). I hopped in the bus with just my PC and a backpack of personal items. There I lived in a house with 5 bachelors... I slept on the couch but felt at home and like they were family. We all played WoW but I was the only person in the house without a job... all the others had a least a part-time job. Being the only woman, I felt they expected me to clean up but I couldn't because that cut into my WoW time. After I had lived there about 4 months, I was told I had to get a job and help with the rent, utilities, and beer. I was devastated and refused. Once I had been there 6 months, I was told I had to move or get a job. I got a job at a restaurant one of the roomies worked at and lasted part-time for a week. It was shortly after that when I found out that I could make more money than any of the roomies by working 1 night a week so I started working Saturday nights at a strip club (and I had always been modest prior to this). It was perfect, about $1000.00 a week, all the time in the world to play WoW, my roomies were happy, and life was sunshiny.

While stripping, I was introduced to cocaine! OMG! A drug that allowed me to play WoW even more! I was hooked. As cocaine became to expensive, I was turned onto meth, which was less expensive and kept me awake for up to 5 days at a time. I turned my 5 good-old boy roomies into meth addicts in no time. For the 1st 3-4 months, it was great! Then the meth effects took hold and I became skin and bones and had sores on my face and body, which caused me to lose my job as a stripper. The phycological effects of meth caused fighting in the house and some of the roomies started to move out. At the end it was me and 2 of the guys left and we had all lost our jobs. Eviction came 2 months later.

I again reached out to my WoW friends. This time I was given a paid flight to Southern California to stay with yet another male friend. I had no money and no contacts to meth so I cleaned up. My WoW addiction was still stronger than ever. I actually entered a relationship with this guy but it ended after the previous roomies told him I used to strip. I was only there 6 weeks before I had to leave.

I had switched servers and guilds when the tattleing occured so now I was with a whole new group of people and wasn't as close to them. Luckily, I hit the big time when I met a french canadian and I was off to Montreal Quebec by bus. I fell in love with him... head over heels in love with him. The way I felt about him made me want to do things for him, to cook, to have dates outside of WoW. I still had a strong WoW addiction but I was able to pull myself away for short periods of time, although, I did end up anxious and panicing to log back in quickly. I started clubbing every Saturday night with some friends and I felt this helped my WoW addiction a lot. It was about 3 months into my life in Montreal that I was re-exposed to cocaine and became heavily addicted. My boyfriend made crazy amounts of money so it was too easy for me to maintain large quantities of cocaine. Of course, once he found out I was using drugs to allow me to play more WoW, he made me leave.

I was depressed and exhausted. I started realizing how my life was and I felt ashamed for the 1st time. I called home and my parents flew me back to Wisconsin. I struggled a lot but had help from my family. I went into rages when I couldn't play WoW, I began cutting myself, and I was severly depressed. I would sneak away to play WoW or hide my car around the block so they wouldn't know I was home and played WoW in the basement.

I struggled for awhile longer, especially when Cataclysm came out. A month ago, I entered therapy. I have not logged into WoW in 17 days. It is very hard and I yearn to play but I know that my life will be nothing if I do not beat this. I have cut off all contact (phone, vent, forums, text, etc) with all my WoW friends. I have therapy 3 days a week and I have diversions... visits with my son, shopping with my family, movie nights with my family, and a myriad of other activities to keep me away from WoW.


one week into detox

I started playing wow about a year ago. And soon it went into an addiction. I had loads of fun, met some new people there and was thrilled by the excitement of raids and dungeons. I think at some point though I stopped enjoying it, maybe after my first character leveled to 80. Or maybe when the leader of my first guild started ordering me around. Or maybe it was the people screaming at me in randoms because I didn't have a prefab spec. Probably it was a combination of things, but I didn't really notice it myself.
The first guild experience I had wasn't all that good, apart from it being small which I liked, the leader was very bossy. I met a few nice people there though. After a while I got to know the guild leader a bit better and I thought I could trust him with some of my personal beliefs. Made me into a total fool and the next day torn me down publicly in the guild. So it was bye bye guild.
I was pretty shaken up after this, how foolish to trust someone I never met. Eventhough I met my boyfriend (with who i now live together and have been together for 5 years) during another game online. So i became more tentative towards people in the game. The next guild I was to join couldnt have been better. Though it took one of the members several weeks to convince me to join. This guild was a bit better, but it had a lot of diferent personalities in it that all seemed to work together somehow and have loads of fun. The very warmly took me and my boyfriend in and made me feel very welcome. Some people in that guild really went out of their way to help other people or have some fun together.
If it weren't for this guild I would have probably stopped playing earlier, not that I'm blaming them or anything. But soon I was leveling alts to 80 as well and started to put more and more time in the game. My real life started to suffer quite bad. One time I was hacked and didn't know that reinstating all the stuff was that easy, so I had alreayd figured I would stop playing cause I would never be able to muster the energy to do all that work again. It felt like a relief, and I should have stopped right then and there because of that realisation. But soon people told me how easy it was to get my stuff back, and so I did.
On uni my work started to slack... called my friends less and less.. slowly stopped doing all the things I like... neglecting the need for meaningful and constructive activities. My boyfriend also imersed himself in the game, but since he works fulltime only had the opportunity to play in the evenings. So he never got as addicted as I was. But our relationship did go downhill, we were gaming together.. but so disconnected from eachother at times... very sad.
I tried limiting my gametime in a number of ways, but I wasn't strong enough, so I went on the internet and looked for similar stories. I was amazed at the amount of people in the exact same, or even way worse trouble than me. Reading their stories convinced me I needed to stop, which is now about a week ago.
The first few days I had big moodswings, from enjoying life to the fullest to being so irritable I didn't know what to do. BUt I guess thats part of the detox really. I'm amazed about the amount of things I've been able to do. When you quit wow after being addicted, suddenly you have this endless sea of time. I started doing wonderful things and useful things, meaningful and constructive stuff. To be honest, just after a week I don't really think about it a lot anymore. The worst thing is not being able to chat with all those lovely people in the guild every evening. But the game itself I'm not really missing.
After reading the processes behind the game, how people are made to be addicts I don't think I will ever go back. Push the button and get a treat, it's that simple. I don't want my brain to be tampered with or controled by simple conditioning. Do a quest, get gold, gear, rep, exp.. you finished a task so easily, but then theres endless other tasks waiting for you in the neverending spiral of questing, gearing, leveling, rep, professions, pvp etc etc etc.
This is why the game got boring for me. I don't like to do the same thing over and over again, especially not if I'm paying to be entertained. Reading a book, going outside or even playing different types of games feels much better now.
What did I gain from this? I know now that I'm susceptible to this kind of thing. I know that when i will become a parent once to watch out for these processes and protect my children. And surely not become one of those gaming moms that don't have a moment for their kids... those are the saddest stories I read about wow :(
What did I loose in the proces? a whole lot of time, energy and temper. But I just discovered a few days ago how cheery I can actually be. Quit wow guys and discover what a nice person you really are!! :)


Quit WoW for good.

Its 2011. I started playing WoW when I first got engaged in 2006.
The game is totally designed to keep you playing. If you are a type A personality, you want to succeed at the highest level possible--- In WOW: That means getting into the best guild you can, getting the best gear possible.
I used to be involved in martial arts, semi professional bodybuilding, along with running heavily. I was fit, and ready to take on the world. Over the last decade all of that has deteriorated. Real life just became less interesting. It sounds so terrible to type that in.. but it is how I felt. I could go on and on... on how gaming in general is bad for you, if done to excess. Lets face it... people don't even exercise and eat right working a 9-5 job. How healthy do you think the average hardcore gamer is? Not healthy in the slightest. Blizzard takes your money, and potentially your health and life goals along with it. We as a society are distracted enough from taking care of ourselves. Do we need to add another job of playing a game on top of it?
I for one got too sucked into playing for hours each day. How many more books could I have read? How many more paintings could I have done? How fast would my 1 mile time be? I used to look like a frickin greek god statue. Now? I have a WoW gut and a double chin... all for epics... Wow indeed.... just wow. Get your crap together wow addicts... cause once its all done, all that will remain is a lighter wallet with life having literally passed you by.