Quit WoW Addiction, Win at Life.

My friend has an addiction to WoW

Being that I am a photographer, I understand having a passion. However, when one of my closest friends talks about WoW, it's as though nothing else in the world matters. His eyes light up and he talks for hours about it. We all know that this has to stop. During our computer classes, his internet page stays only on wowarmory. He won't hang out with us outside of school on raid nights and he only cares about being home in time to do 2v2. It is getting sad. Any conversation somehow gets turned into, 'so we raided... last night.' We are all worried about our friend. I jokingly showed him the WoW addiction test posted on this site. He scored with two yes answers. This did not convince him at all. All we want is our friend back :/ He is a level 80 death knight and now he is on a mission of leveling up his level 65 druid. He even skipped school yesterday just to gain five levels on the druid. Instead of realizing that he is missing out on memories from his senior year, he finds himself being cool, bad, and awesome. He doesn't even want to go to his prom! Right now he is on wowheroes.com with the thought of what I am writing as simply a joke. I don't care if he wants to have fun, that is fine, but when he chooses a game that is more than repetitive over his friends, it's a whole different story. Help me find a way to get our friend.


Keep contemplating quitting - but ready to this time

I keep saying I am going to quit and yet I haven't yet, but this time I think it's it. I was hacked last week, everything taken from all of my 80s and yet while I was pissed off at first, as time went on waiting for restore (8 or 9 days now) I am at the point I don't even care whether I get my gear and items back or not. I have wasted the last 2 1/2 years of my life on this game. It has resulted in 2 failed relationships (with guys who also played WoW no less), my work has suffered, my physical health has suffered from not enough exercise, and Lord knows what else.

I guess I turned to the game because most of my friends are married with kids and no one has time to go out and do anything anymore. Otherwise I might have something that resembles a social life. But I realized being social in the real world even if it's by myself far outweighs being social in a virtual world that technically brings me no real benefit.

I have been frustrated more in WoW than in RL. That can't be a good thing.

So once I manage to get all of my stuff restored, which should be any day now, I am passing off my accounts. This includes my T10 geared main and alt. Because there's more to life than this, and staying home on a computer for hours on end is not doing a damn thing for my life but making it worse.


From a Wife

I am not a gamer. I tried but it just wasn't for me. The only reason I even tried was to connect with my husband. Video games have been a part of our lives for about ten years but it never affected us like it has over the past two years or so. WOW was an issue but now XBOX360 is worse. Our son died in 2003 at 4 years old. Recovery from that loss has been work for all of us. My husband has obvious signs of depression and plays games for hours everyday. Even after a game of playing I can't get him to spend time with me in the evenings. He has to play or he acts as if something is missing from his day. If our son plays games and I am on the computer he has no access. He then goes to bed. He doesn't see it at all. His life is crumbling around him and he has no idea what is coming. He hasn't worked steady for about a year and we are losing our home. When we have to move I will be moving without him. I won't take this with me to a new place. To top it off, my son is learning that this is normal behavior. I am at a loss. My friends say, "well at least he doesn't drink or do drugs." Sure, but just because he is in my house and sober does not make him emotionally or physically available. I miss my husband. I wish he felt better about himself, his future and our marriage. I never thought anyone would choose a video game over me.


Pointers on Quitting the game

1: delete all the gear from your toons
2: give away everything worth anything to a NON guild member/friend
3: Delete toons ( you will feel sick at your stomach, sweat feel tingly when doing this )
4: Break CD's ( yes I know you can dload the game shame on blizz for this loophole )
5: Cancel account or have a friend change the pwd to something you dont know.
6: occupy your time with a console video game ( one that ends ) find some satisfaction in a game finished,
7: join a support group ( such as this one ) ( answer ?s to help othrees quit while helping yourself )
8: dont go back int vent with those you played with, delete all your vent channels too.
9:dont do things that give you the urge, dont google new patche notes, boss fights, stay away from you tube videos of the game even parody stuff.
10: DO not switch to another MMO, Console games that end are ok.

11: Pray to jesus for the strength to forget the game because its like quitting heroin minus the withdrawels.

Godd bless hope this helps those who cannot play casually.


Grad Student Want to Know More

Hi, my husband and most of his friends have at one time or another been addicted to WOW, and even though I have never played I know the language and what it's like to fall asleep in bed alone because my husband has a raid, or waiting for him because it's snowy and icy out but he needs the new one at midnight or anyway you know. I am trying desperately as a licensed alcohol and drug counselor to do some research for an academic paper I am writing about online gaming especially WOW- as an addictions professional I can not do my job correctly if I don't know more about this and can educate my peers. If anyone is interested I would like to interview them- anonymous through the web and would like to gather some information that is not from my husband or his friend- by the way my husband has been WOW free for quite some time now- but he always picks it back up eventually. Thank you.