Quit WoW Addiction, Win at Life.

I still want to play

I haven't played WoW in about a year.
I heard the opening theme today, and felt the absolute NEED to play again.
Fortunately the client takes about a week to download, so that prevents the gratification so I can move on to do other things.
I understand now when people say that even though someone may be sober for 10 years, they are still an alcoholic.

I'm moving to a new job soon, my first job, the one with the degree I almost didn't get due to playing WoW instead of studying. I'm afraid that if I start playing, I'll not have any time to pack and line up housing and so on.

I'm afraid 10 years from now, I'll still crave playing.


I want my brothers back

I would like some help regarding the WOW and addiction. I would like to help my siblings understand the WOW is an addiction. I feel alone as in the only person in our family that really cares enough to do something. My parents ignore it or are in denial please can someone reach out to me that has a loved one in or is the loved one in this predicament. And please for the users of WOW this addiction affects your family in a way you may never understand we love you guys and want you to be a part of our lives and are tired of waiting for Raids to end so we can see your faces for 5 minutes while you eat only to have you take your plate and disappear. It hurts and we love you....


What am I doing?

In the beginning, it was an experiment driven by peer pressure. It was out of simple curiosity; the desire to try something new and exciting. For a long time, that's all it was-- just messing around, feeling good, allowing myself to let go for short periods of time. But then, it took a little more to feel that good. Then, a little more just to feel alright. Eventually, it was never enough, and my life was consumed by the question: "How can I get more?" I'm not talking about drugs, alcohol, or gambling. I'm talking about World of Warcraft, the game that took over my life.

My brother introduced WoW to me after I had played, and not enjoyed, several other MMORPGs. For the first two years, I was a casual player-- I didn't even play every day. I raided twice a week, and my guild was never competitive for any sort of top spot on the realm. I made some good friends, and was proud to say that I finally had a real hobby, something I was really good at. I started life as a hunter, then a druid, then a priest and a warlock. I found myself craving more, though.

I started feeling disappointment when it took a long time to kill a new boss. Struggling through MC in vanilla, then on "Loot Reaver" back in Burning Crusade was embarrassing when my friends were advancing through BT at an alarming rate. I knew I was a gifted healer; my raid leader used to tell me as much, although I suppose it helped that I have a "ridiculously cute" voice. I came to crave that positive attention. I've always had an inferiority complex, so being praised by people I didn't even know was exhilarating. But I didn't just want to be good-- I wanted to be the BEST. I wanted people to know my priest's name and look up to me as I used to do to the top healers on our server.

So, I started the guild search. I was under-geared from my lack of raid progression, so I found a guild that was just starting out, working its way through Hyjal and the first part of BT. I was accepted, and so began my spiral into addiction.

The guild fell apart after two key members quit the game, and another transferred to a more hardcore server. I was absolutely lost. I didn't want to lose my friends and go find another guild on a different server. I had been through that once already, and the fact that I'm painfully shy makes it really stressful for me to try to make new friends. I resolved to give myself a much-needed break from the game, and start the guild search once my emotions were more in control.

That break was the enlightening moment for me. I really looked at my life, as cliche as that may sound, and realized that I really had NOTHING. I went from being a straight A/B student to barely being able to graduate high school. I went from eating dinner with my family every night to seeing them maybe twice a week. The only contact I had with my friends was during school. I had developed severe anxiety and depression, which led to physical problems. All of this had happened while I was busy watching green health bars and spamming Penance or PW:S every time Yogg-Saron decided to beat up on my guildies. My life had fallen to shambles around me, and I was too busy absorbed in being "Twilight Vanquisher Anamink," the girl everyone in-game loved, to even notice it.

I never went back after that hiatus. I'm not brave enough to delete my characters (not yet, anyway), but my subscription runs out early next month. Since the time my guild broke up I have visited family in San Francisco, I've taken up sewing, and I attended the local anime convention with some of my RL friends, where I had a BLAST. I'm working on getting a job, and have plans to start at a community college soon. I play other video games, but no MMOs, and I'm careful to limit my screen time. The damage has been done, but I'm slowly rebuilding my life, because it's the only one I'm gonna get.

WoW is a drug. It's a way to ignore the harsh realities of the real world, and to find a place where you can make a name for yourself amongst un-biased people you'll never actually meet. It starts as peer pressure, or a simple curiosity, but if you're not careful you'll find yourself doing anything for your next "fix." I still think about it, I still dream about it, and I have to watch my brother and my father continue down this horrible path of addiction. But I won't let it have me. Not anymore.

If I could give one piece of advice to people who are struggling with WoW addiction, it would be this: Take one day off, and really look at the real world around you. Look at your family (if they still talk to you), look at your friends (if you still have any), and look at your school/job performance (if you still go to school or have a job). Things may actually be a lot worse than you've fooled yourself into thinking.



Basicly i was unemployed for around 6 years, i'm 34 years old. and i play WoW and gained 7 level 80s with epic gear and stupid Gold, and untold raids, so i said to my self i gotta get out of this Madness sitting on a Chair 10 Hours aday playing a Game what's Wrong with me this is 'CRAZY'.

so i looked around for a Job, and looked at some college Courses, and went too see about some qualifications. Microsoft certified Course. and completed it and now i can Fix computers i earn 18000 pounds a year now instead of being on welfare Benefits and my friends are happy and they've retuned back i'm sooooo happy

and now i'm gonna Buy my flat, and try get a nice car i've missed out on so much


Wife left me because of WoW

From begin want to appologize for any grammatical mistakes, english is not my native language.
Started to play WoW in spetember 2007, it was so fascinating that quickly became an addiction.managed in 4 years of playing to gather 629 days played time..addon Altoholic shows it :s .Anyway, in begin my wife was playing too, she liked that game also, there was many many weeks when we was doing nothing except playing and sleeping, now i cann't even remember in real time how many years/months back it was..was during BT days..back in TBC. Sucks that my time measure is tied to wow expansions...
During Naxx in wotlk she stoped to play because she got bored of it and just stoped. Me...rolled all classes to max level,after made 10x characters on one realm (limit pre realm) rolled on other realm and did 10 x horde to max level also...cataclysm came few months ago, on the moment when i gave account details to an ingame friend and uninstaled game from PC there was 19 x level 85.
for almost 1,5 years wife was begging me to stop playing and get back to life. All her words, warnings about divorce, crying, she even broke up PC, took a new one on next day, had no effect on me. She was kind of invisible for me, not only her, i was going to bed with thoughs like : what combo is more viable for my main toon, how to improve my healing in raids, how to get more achievment points, where to get more golds etc etc..
And guess what, 4 days ago she said that it's the end of our relation and nothing can change it more. in 4 years of wow my longest break from game was hours when i was sleeping, now i unninstaled game , burned discs, gave account to other person and only getting close to PC if she aint around. Afraid it's to late tho..Now i don't know if i'll be able to win her back, but if around here are people who still play that game and somehow found themselves in similar situation as me, take this in consideration