Quit WoW Addiction, Win at Life.


I went out with a girl for 2 years and she was and still is obsessed with WOW. Early on in our relationship before i knew how addicted she was we ended up having a little boy together. As the relationship ( if you can call it that) progressed i found i was doing everything for our son she finished college got home 5pm strieght on WOW till late at night. I tried everything too get her off that thing but she couldnt think of anything but that game. Gave it 2 years and just got so fed up of her mood swings and lack of help with our son due too this game that i made the hard choice too move out. In the end she had our son taken off her and hes with relatives at the mo. She cant even bear too go outdoors now rather live her life through this game vertually every evening raiding. she can be a really nice girl and i know deep down she loves our son but this games has completly taken over her life. i live in hope one day she,ll come back into the real world and leave this fantasy land were it belongs


I'm that addicted wife...

I started playing WoW during my last few quarters of grad school. My husband was working swing shift hours and it seemed like a fun way to pass the time after homework. At first it was a frustrating game. I'd never played on a pc and learning the chat format was difficult too. After a while though I got the hang of things and started playing daily.

My husband would at first sort of smile and say things like, "you're still playing?" I went from playing an hour or two to playing for several hours to playing literally for twelve or more hour stretches. My husband eventually stopped even talking about the game because if he even brought it up I would start a fight with him to get him to leave me alone about it. The meaner the fight, the faster I could get back to WoW. I began to hate when he had days off. It meant that I would have to spend time with him (something that I loved doing) and I would find reasons to just "stay in". I lied to skip school and my intership hours and cancelled appointments with friends and family. I stopped answering my phone or opening my mail or even feeding my beloved kitten. I stopped showering and eating. I often got only a couple of hours of sleep for days on end.

When I finally leveled to 80 and was ready to start raiding, I discovered Ventrilo. That's when things got really bad. It was really fun for me at first to have the guild members discover that they were playing with a real girl and I got a lot of laughs from bantering and flirting. However, I also began to develop a relationship with a married man that became so emotionally involving for me that I nearly ended my marriage to be able to "be" with him. I would stay up until sometimes five in the morning (having begun gaming at 2 the previous afternoon) to spend time with this guy, with nearly every encounter between us turning sexual. I stopped having any kind of intimate contact with my husband.

One evening, god knows why, I logged on and, even though I was totally numb, I just immediately deleted every character I had and closed my account. I hadn't planned to do it but after a few minutes the game was deleted from my computer and I had broken the discs and thrown them in the trash. I suppose some part of me was still sane and knew it had to be done, but I cannot describe how painful it was for me a few hours later. I started crying and continued crying (inconsolably at times) for nearly two weeks. It's better now but often times I need to just lie down and hold my stomach and rock a little bit because the temptation is so bad to log back on.

If you're a husband reading this: listen to your gut!! If you think she's addicted do something. If you think she's "involved" with some guy on WoW don't flip out and hate (it's an addiction and she's in deep). Help her now! Listen to her and let her know where the boundaries are in a way that's nonegotiable. Also, make sure she has some back up. Use whatever resources are available to get her through quitting.

If you're the wife: hun I really do know what this is like. I promise, "he" isn't worth it. "He" is someone you don't know and who doesn't know you, despite what you have told each other. WoW is designed to feel so freaking awesome while you're playing it with someone else. It's meant to be the perfect setup. It's just marketing though. And "he" is also an addict too. "He" is also lying to his spouse, boss, friends, professors, but mostly to himself... just like you. I can tell you that after you quit NOTHING will feel good. It will hurt to smile and laugh and even thinking about patching things up with your husband will make you want to kick a field goal. Things that were once important to you will just feel like they don't matter and you will have a sense of listlessness and hopelessness about anything good in life. But... it does get easier. You will bounce back. Stick with it.

I almost uploaded the game again tonight. I was crying and struggling with wanting it back so much. Instead I came to this site to be reminded of just how dangerous for me that decision was. I immediately canceled the upload and started writing this. If you're reading this please know that WoW addiction is real. It nearly destroyed me. I'm guessing I will struggle with this for a long time, but every day is a choice I have to actually live rather than killing myself slowly with pixels.

Hang in there if you are struggling with addiction too. Find your reason... don't go back...



Staying off wow

I was just reading some of the stories on this website and it brought back a whole bunch of memories that I guess I pushed out of my mind.

I started playing wow in February of 2004 when I was 14, I quit for the 5th and final time in August 2009. Around five years on a calendar, a year and two months /played over three characters. The effects of the game are finally starting to wear off and I can only reflect on that part of my life now and make sure something never pulls me in like that ever again.

It was hard for me to quit, the final time. I knew it was final though, every time before that when I had 'quit' there was always something in the back of my mind telling me that I'd be back. This time there was nothing, I was free. What was different about this time? I still don't know, I've tried to put my finger on it, and the best I can come up with was that I had finally hit rock bottom. I've been trying to find a better more explanation because "rock bottom" is such an overused term but that was really where I was at. I could look my parents straight in the eyes and say "I am addicted to this game, I'm completely dependant on it, I can't control my playing habits, and this is not the person I want to be."

I am starting to feel confident now that I will never go back to the game. All the times before that I had 'quit', I always had this feeling, this longing for WoW, now I don't feel that. For the first few months after quitting, I was worried that I would start playing again, and I tried at one point, my friends tried to get me back into it, and I played WoW for one day. After that day, I felt NO urge to continue playing, I had to actually make an effort just to log in by the end of the day. I also felt depressed, as if I had let myself down somehow. I realized then that I couldn't go back even if I wanted to.

The point I've been leading to with this rambling is that to successfully quit WoW and stay off it, you need to be at a point where you can feel in 100% of your person that you don't wish to play anymore and you want your life back. When you get to that point you'll know you've quit before you even stop playing, it's not a slow process, regaining your life is slow, but the quitting itself is fast and violent.

It's impossible to really quit wow if someone else is trying to make you do it, or if you feel like it's something you have to do for this reason or that. You have to realize that it's not just a game anymore, and that you want your life back.

I'm 19 now and I can't say I've ever been happier.

You're not a person when you're playing wow, your body is just a shell, your existence is in Azeroth.


Praise the Light! :D


My name is Andy from Manchester (England). I am going to try to keep my story short and sweet. I started playing wow when my best friend from uni introduced me to the game 9 months ago.

From the day I started my free trial I was hooked. I spent all my free time on this game often avoiding real life friends, commitments, and even my girl friend. I became obsessed with this virtual reality where you must Level UP, Gear UP, Skill UP every 20 levels.

I still think I have been stupid, because money is okay I can earn that back, but the time… It took me wasting 1700 or so hours of my life, before I realised that all that time will never come back.

What did I have to show for all that time, so much of my life: A animated “healbot” paladin with a Legendary weapon and a King slayer title “Whoop De Doo”… Wow, some achievement.

My exams were coming up in a few months and I was least bothered. I was just doing Lanathel in ICC when I got a text from my mum saying “Good Luck with your exams, I’m sure you will make your father proud”.

To this day I don’t know why exactly, but something inside me snapped. I simply told my raid party I was going to disconnect, I deleted my characters, cancelled my subscription and smashed my authenticator logged out, and deleted the game and folder content for good measure and I have not looked back since.

This game is not worth your life and it is life consuming. Anyone who denies that fact is either deluding themselves and no one else.

Good Luck to all…



going to do it

I started playing wow about 2 years ago. I had just graduated college and, do to a sagging economy, was working as a cook. Some friends of mine convinced me to try it and I was hooked. I tried to convince myself it was a cheap hobby, cheaper than going out to the bars at least, and that I would quit it after a little while. This was a mistake as I continued to play more and more as the months whore on. I completed my first year of law school this year and did just enough to get by in my classes. I was new to the area and totally blew off establishing a social life. I played wow constantly in any free time I had. I blew off working out and picked up smoking. Worst of all I let relationships with old friends and family slip. About a month ago I quit and have not played since. I am staying with my parents for the summer to work and save a little money on rent. This is good because I left my computer with wow (and my authenticator) in storage 5 hours away. I do miss it, but my biggest worry is in when I go back to law school next semester. I will have the temptation sitting in front of me. Not to mention I do not have many friends up there because I was such a recluse. Hopefully I can break the addiction over the summer and replace it with positive healthy activities.


Hi there everyone!

Hello everyone!

I am new towards the board so I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Hautuampippit and I am from Orange Walk, Belize (heaven) and love the performing arts. Oh yea, and I have two beatiful daughters. I look forward to getting a member and contributing.