Quit WoW Addiction, Win at Life.

Latent Withdrawal

It has been more than a year since I quit for the third and "final" time. Changed the email and password on my account, so I will not be able to retrieve my years of "work." This addiction is so strong that I don't care. I would start from scratch. I do NOT have the time, even for a couple hours a day, but I know if I started, I would make the time. WoW is a big black streak through my life that I can't get rid of. It is cocaine, if not worse. diversions haven't worked and I am likely going to make some regrettable sacrifices if I can't control this craving.


Confused Girlfriend

I have been dating my boyfriend for about seven months now and when we first met he told me he played WoW from time to time. I honestly had no idea what WoW was since I'm not a gamer myself. At first I didn't think much of it, until about two months after we started dating when he quit his job and his life pretty much became the game. He would tell me not to come over because he had a raid or that he "had plans with friends" which meant staying home and playing the game as well. This lasted for about two months of non-stop playing, where he would go to bed at 8am and sleep till about 2pm maybe later if it was a Tuesday and the server reset. After awhile I pretty much had enough and started to get really upset, we would end up fighting because I would come over and all he would want to do was play WoW or pick a fight with me so that he wouldn't feel guilty about playing the game.

After a couple months he realized the amount of time he had logged on the game, it was almost two full week and was averaging over 10 hours a day. He decided to "quit" the game and the agreement was that I would get him a PS3 for his birthday since he said that the system allows him to pause games and that it's not nearly as addictive, so I bought him the PS3 that he wanted and for the next three months things were great. He would play the system from time to time but true to his word would pause the game and didn't spend nearly as much time on the system as he did playing WoW. On top of that he was working full time again and had a pretty normal sleep routine which was great because I work full time and get up at 6am Monday to Friday for work.

About two months agao that changed again, he has not touched the PS3 I bought him and instead decided to reinstall WoW on his computer. He has quit yet another job and is back to devoting about 10 hours a day to the game. This time he's even started his own guild and uses that as an excuse for having to spend so much time on there since he has to get members to join his guild. He picks fights with me to legitimate his desire to play the game and than tells me that I'm guilt tripping him if I ever bring up how much he plays. He'll get angry at me and pretty much tell me that we aren't talking about it. Since he started playing again all I hear is how he's happy with me but needs his own space as well which I understand I like my space as well but I just find it's gone to the extreme.

We'll go out and watch a movie or go to dinner and the first thing he wants to do when we get home is go on WoW, it could be 2am and that's all he's thinking about. We could be laying in bed after having a great night and his mind will be on the game and first thing he does in the morning is turn on his computer and check WoW. He'll tell me that all he needs is 15 minutes to get his dailies done and 15 minutes turns to 2 or 3 hours. If I mention how long it's been I'm being a jerk according to him and he'll pick a fight so that I won't say anything and he'll stay on longer.

The truth is I really do love him and I love the person he is when he's not addicted to the game. I've tried to ask him if he thinks he's addicted or if he think he plays too much and he just gets very defensive. He states that since I don't see him everyday that it's none of my business what he does on the days when I'm not there. He constantly talks about wanting to buy a house and get out of debt, but that's next to near impossible when you can't keep a single job. I make a fairly decent income and have a great job and he just keeps pressuring me to find jobs that pay even better so that we can be more comfortable and can afford to buy a house sooner meanwhile he isn't even holding down a job. I don't want to just give up on him because that's pretty much what he's come to expect from the people in his life but I really don't know what to do at this point. Everytime I try to talk about WoW I get yelled at or the silent treatment and I'm really not sure how much more I can take. We talk about a family and a future but the reality is I can't imagine what it would be like to have kids with him, I would feel like a single parent. As it is I'm the one who cooks, cleans, takes out the garbage, does all the laundry etc and I'm sure in someways I'm enabling this by doing all those things for him. I just really need some advice about how to talk to him about WoW everytime I bring it up it turns into a huge fight, I tried again today and got told we aren't talking about it. I tried to explain that it would be no different than me going to the casino everyday for 10 hours a day I would be addicted to gambling. To any of the former addicts out there, did anyone try to talk to you about it and how did you handle it? Is there a good way to bring up the topic without it turning into a fight?


I am a wow addict

I am a late 20's female gamer, my life is good. Loving support structure, talent, attractiveness and fun non gamer friends, life is good. I don't have an addictive personality, tried out coke and left it no problem. I smoked daily for several years, then just quit and I never think about wanting another drag. I have always been a gamer, but I was always a mac user so the online pc games I could never try out. But with the intel addition to my new mac pro, I started playing. I put my life on hold for a year and a half, did just enough to get by and keep people off my back. I got a divorce but the relationship was doomed, missed out on being there for my friend while her father died, picked a lover who played wow, I just stopped creating or adventuring, if it wasn't a wow commitment, I didn't show up. The year mark passed on the calender and I realized I was exactly where I was last year, emotionally, mentally and in my life style, and I began to put it down. Cut my wow ties, got rid of the wow addicted boy friend, started on a sever with anonymity and somewhere in there I quit. I thought it would be easy like every other change I have made. The thing is, I still think about it, almost a year ago and I keep wanting to play. Its hard for me to deal with withdrawal, its new to me. But I know, that if I was to log on, I could not play for just an hour here or there, It would be 10 hour stretches, 6 days a week. And I have work to do, one life and I do embrace it, but in the back of my mind lives the real desire to throw absolutely EVERYTHING away so I can just sit here and play wow all day, sounds like a certain kind of heaven and that's really scary... I am a wow addict


3 years now (rl calendar)

My son (then 26 yrs old) bought Wow approx 3.5 years ago. I watched him playing and was amazed so I started playing. Yes, I started at 49 years old! Now at 52, I am ready to quit. In those 3 years of playing, I have neglected my health mainly. I have been playing from sun up to sun down all this time. Because of the lack of exercise and sitting for long periods of time at the computer, my legs are not like they used to be. They hurt and it is getting worse. I believe, no matter your age, anything that keeps you from using your physical body for such long periods of time, day after day after day, is bad for you. Sitting in front of a computer for as many hours as most of us do who are addicted to Wow can actually cause deadly medical issues, blood clots being one of those! I am trying hard to quit. I have canceled my account and in my 4th day away from it. It is hard. Wow was my life. My characters have become part of me it seems and I am having trouble not seeing them. Sounds crazy I know, well maybe not since most of us here are in the same situation. I put so much time and effort into these girls of mine that I feel like I am walking away from 4 very loved friends. I have to leave however. For my mental and physical well being. I just pray I can do it this time! Good luck to everyone trying to quit.


brother, family are all addicted, do i give into temptation?

i have a close extended family along with a close family. They all play wow and all are trying to egg em on to play the game, Now i tried the trial and i didn't really like it all so much. I've had experience with mmos (was addicted from 7th to 9th grade to another mmo Runescape) but i remember how hard it was for me to quit and am wondering if i should at least give it a month and try this game. Imo they're all addicted, but why not join the fun?


was taking over my social life

MY addiction to WoW was a bit of a werid one. although i played WoW excessivley and spent alot of my free time it did not really effect my school life, i was still playing basketball which im quiet good at and i also played rugby and soccer. i was doing good at school and i went out on the weekend freqently. what i was noticed was that me and 2 friends (who also play WoW) would always alienate ourselfs at partie's etc... AND TALK ABOUT WOW. Even if the sexist girl at the party approached us we wouldn't even take notice of her. i guess what im saying is that even if you are do well at every thing if your real life does not mean your not addicted.