Quit WoW Addiction, Win at Life.

just sold it...

ive been playing for since the vanilla, none stop, lost many rl friends, thanks God my gf still with me, all i did is sleep, wake up, at first i still went to gym, later quit gym, work, come home, wow and all the same rooting, tried to quit few times, didnt help, every time i felt depressed, worst thing... i had a friend a best friend who started playing this game because of me, it ruined his life, at 1st he didnt want to play and he didnt like it much but he played cause of me, so as i found out theres nothing u can do but to sell it for a few hundreds, after u sell it make sure to burn all ur CDs with keys, so that u cant reclaim it from a new owner, its tough at least it was for me, and the thing is in some cases when people just dont have personal life, personality, good looks or charisma its even worse this game, as they think, gives them second chance for a better life, fun life, but what it really does you all know. so yeah as i recall the best solution is to sell it, since if u delete ur characters and cancel supscription, u can always come back to it by simply calling blizzard and restoring all ur characters, that way at least ull make a few bucks


Losing everything, so I deleted it all.

I just deleted my wow account. I...still can't believe it. I just read these forums for the past hour, bawling my eyes out and finally just did it all in the heat of the moment.

To highlight how much I played, i had 100 days played on my main character, 57 days played on another, 43 on another, and over 20 on several other characters. I did the math, all in all I have spent over and ENTIRE YEAR of my life playing this game or at least logged in. Thats almost 9000 hours. More than I have spent in college & working my entire life combined.

I am 23 and the last few years have been a blur. I smoke a lot of weed and have for years, all while playing the game. Most players know they kind of go hand in hand. I'm also severely depressed and have been for years. I recently started seeking help for it, but nothing has been working as of yet.

I had the most beautiful, amazing, charming girl you could imagine. I was with her for 3 years. She knew I played wow from the beginning, but I never let her know how much I actually played.

Initially I tried only playing when she wasn't around, at work or asleep. That didn't work for long. Eventually we had to fight for the computer, and I ended up giving her one just so I could play for more of the day. Eventually she asked me to quit and I did, only until the next expansion came out.

With that expansion came false promises about control and caution. Everything got worse. I lost my job, but blamed that on other things. I had issues with depression, which have only gotten worse the more I played. I stopped going out to social events with her as often as I could get out of them and stayed home playing wow.

I saw this as a problem the whole time. I never did anything about it because all of my friends are hooked. We run a guild together and all that and have progressed through all the content together since it came out. To me, wow has let me keep in touch with friends of mine who drifted away.

Thing was I never really thought about how they drifted away because of the goddamn game.

So here I am, and she's finally left me. To her, it isn't because of the game. To her it is because we no longer have things in common and I dont enjoy doing the same things she does.

I used to play guitar, make films, host large parties and events etc. I travelled, snow boarded, took road trips etc. I was a fun person before, and in the past few years this game has slowly swallowed every single one of my hobbies one by one. I don't enjoy doing anything else anymore other than sitting here and smoking weed, pwning noobs in bg's.

BUT NOW IT'S GONE! There is no turning back. I deleted every item, character and the entire account. I regret it right now. I have no girlfriend and no wow, wtf am I going to do with myself now?

I don't really know. I hope I figure it out.

*Thank you, everyone here, for inspiring me to do this tonight. This was exactly what I needed....*


my story

I have been playing warcraft for a long time. I started playing with the origional game. I then played 2 and 3. I started World of Warcraft 2005 I think it was. I started when my marriage was beginning to come to an end. I did it so I could ignore the constant nagging from my ex-wife. Unfortunatly I began to play so much that I started ignoring my daughter as well. I quit after getting my first toon to 80. It wasn't worth it to me. If I wasn't working, or sleeping for 3 hours a day, I was face first to the computer screen.

I met my now fiance and she helped me quit. I didn't play for around 2 years. I started again less than a month ago. I still don't have an 85 yet, im trying to limit my time to a couple hours a week. No more than 5 hours a week max. I know how hard it is to quit and what it can do to you and suck you in. Be strong


My fiance is an addict :(

I used to play WoW; never to an addiction level, but would have a few marathon runs here or there. Awhile back I got bored with the whole "right-click, watch computer do all the work while you supposedly attack, and press a couple numbers here and there", and just can't get back into WoW. I've been about a year or so pretty much WoW free, with a few dabbles on private servers here or there, or goofing around in a trial.

Now, my fiance on the other hand; she just can't put the game down. She's been playing for about 2 or so years now. Even though we're tight on money and I kept hearing, "we can't afford that" on little things, she just HAD to buy Cataclysm as SOON as it came out, for like $40 or $50 or whatever it is. Within a week or two she was already max level of 85. We're both medical students currently, and due to the holidays mucking up class schedules, we've had about a month off. Outside of required visits with family for the holidays, she's been primarily on WoW. I've tried to get her to go on bike rides, or to do other things, she just wants to play WoW. I kid you not, if it's not for those times that she has to go out for a doctor's appointment or for school, she's sitting on the laptop, playing WoW, most all day long. Every now and again she'll put it down and take a break, but those are few and far between, and after about an hour of break or so, she's getting fidgety and/or stir-crazy and just HAS to play WoW again. Right now due to our "main" desktop having an issue, the laptop she plays on is the "best" computer we have. I recently got into Need for Speed World, and I've been able to play it in short spans maybe 3 times in the last month; if I'm on the laptop too long, she starts getting moody and whining, "ugh, I'm bored... are you almost done on there!?". She plays so much, she's worn through 2 power-adapters for the laptop; we also *had* another HP laptop, which was in semi-not-so-good shape, and after getting it back up and running, she just HAD to install the latest WoW/Cata update on it, and crashed the hard-drive in the process.

Through Christmas Eve, most of Christmas, and New Years Eve, she was playing WoW. She paused from WoW for a short moment at midnight of New Years to toast, then right back to WoW. I one time managed to get a look at her "/played" game-time (about a month after she made level 80), and if memory serves correctly, it has a "played since level 80" or whatever, she had racked up almost 3 weeks worth of playtime within a month. I seriously think that if she could find a way to not have to sleep, that'd mean more WoW gameplay time.


It's finally over

I started playing WoW almost 2 years ago because my now ex fiance played a lot and I figured it would be something we could do together. At first it was casual, but the addiction quickly took hold and I started playing more than him. I came into contact with all these new people and being a girl in WoW brings a lot of attention which can really get the best of you. My fiance and I were fighting all the time about how much I played and how much i talked to some of these people out of game (he had quit over it about 6 months prior). We broke up a few months ago and i became truly immersed in the game. About a month before cata came out, I started to become pretty frustrated with the game and thought about quitting numerous times. I kept telling myself with cata it would be better. If anything, it's worse. I've slowly come to realize what this game has done to my life and I have absolutely nothing to show for it but debits from my checking account and a couple of geared 85's. Today, I made the decision to quit WoW and get my life and my fiance back (hopefully). Right now, I'm losing my raid spot because i'm a no show and honestly i've never felt better with a decision:)


No Wow in 2011

Well, I have been playing Wow for probably about 18 months, My Main was Stokey a lvl 80 Rogue on Alonsus. Wow isnt just a game, It ends up been a Bloody Career, Lvling Professions and Skills just to make more gold and buy the best in game items, Pretty soon it became more stressful than actually working for a living lol.

I could get in from work at 6pm, Log straight onto Wow and then suddenly realise it's 4am in the morning.

I do miss the game, I quit the day Cata came out and thoughts of i must just start again to get to 85 keep crossing my mind.

But, I bit the Bullet, Cancelled my Subscription and deleted Wow from my PC.

I quit Wow 17 days, 9 Hours and 47 minutes ago, Not that i'm counting :-)