Quit WoW Addiction, Win at Life.

life wrecked by WoW

Gradually, I eliminated my social life, closed my door, and become an addict to WoW. I don't want to go out. I have lost all my friends. HELP!!! I am in DEEP in the WoW hole. 5 level 80s, working on more. How can I escape from this desolate, loner Hell? I have nothing else in life besides WoW or drugs.



My cousin got her own computer about a year ago when she started collage. Everything was going awesome for her until her boyfriend got her into WoW. Little by little she did less and less school work, stopped going outside, stopped hanging out. Eventually all she did was play WoW. Me and her friends have tried using the parental control on the game, but she just finds other peoples accounts to play off of. She's THAT addicted.. Now she is stuck in her room, is failing all her classes, and does not even try at life anymore. Her room smells like arse too. If we don't feed her, she dose not eat, and when she does eat, its usually a bag of Doritos. People like her... all they all want to do is escape... they don't want to deal with real life. I would know since I used to be addicted to WoW myself. Its a horrible thing to go through, and people should pay a lot more attention to their family and friends who are addicted. It's a big problem that only grows larger the more it is ignored.