Quit WoW Addiction, Win at Life.

I want my life back

My spouse is a recovering drug addict. We have 2 very beautiful kids together. Ages 2 and 3. We have been together 5 years. Growing up as a child I remember doing many outdoor activities none of which my children get to participate in often. Our home is 4 enclosed walls of no communication amongst my spouse and I. Our communication is always filled with him being very competitive and argumentative.
We both are 32 years old and have sex maybe once a month with very little passion. And I am a very attractive woman with several proposals to go out from other men. While he comes home from work he goes straight to the bedroom and hides in video games while I come home from work and immediately tend to all the duties of the house and children. Its severally lonely and depressing. Its selfish in so many ways as well to my children and myself. One thing about addicts though is that they are the only ones that can help their problem no one else.
I am a self-sufficient woman and hope for his own good he wakes up from this stupidity and waste of life. There are no truly significant reasons someone should be playing at a screen for hours on end. Its unattractive and loathing for the other individual who has to live with it.


my wife was addicted

My wife recently started playing... When I found out, I made her uninstall it immediately. Right away, I could started to notice withdrawal signs... she's was easily aggravated and irritated... please focus on what's real in life, your friends and family.


WoW is an escape from the real world

"Addiction" to game like of WoW is generally a symptom of a pre-existing problem in my experience, probably ADHD, lack of motivation, difficulty dealing with the real world, or some combination of all of these. From what I've seen, many folks who have an obsessive desire to escape into a virtual world are suffering in some way in the real world and WoW provides a convenient place to retreat.


daughter moved away

Our family is recovering. We will always love our daughter. We will always be there for her no matter what she has done or ever will do. But there is still pain, and there is now distance. She has moved out of our home. But later she chose to relocate a thousand miles away where she is free from our influence. I miss my daughter. We need to rid the world of WOW before more parents are missing their children as I miss mine.


wow is cancer

I have never played World of Warcraft, yet WOW has had a profound impact on my life and my family's. I am sure that my story is not at all unusual for I have spoken to many others who have had their own families harmed by this destructive presence which tries to represent itself as a harmless game akin to some hobby or watching TV. It is really not harmless entertainment. It is a horrible, all-consuming cancer in our lives and society.


wow destroyed daughter's marriage

2 years ago my 23 year old daughter's marriage fell apart. We knew they fought and I knew they always seemed to have financial problems. What I did not know was that WOW was at the root of all their problems. When their marriage ended, she returned home to live with her father and me. We tried to help her put her life back together. For a while things seemed to be going well, until one day last summer when we discovered that our business was missing hundreds of dollars. Unknown to us, our daughter had been stealing money from our company to finance her addiction...
This theft was disastrous to our family. The loss of the money was minor, though it did make life more difficult for a while. We lost something much more precious however... We lost trust in our daughter. We could not understand how she could do this those that loved her. However, we understand now. Gamers who play WOW MUST constantly violate their own value system in order to quench that desire to build their character and achieve SUCCESS in a virtual reality. A reality in which SUCCESS that comes so much easier and quicker than in real life. Achieving success in the WOW universe night after night must be wildly addicting. The magnetic pull of WOW is so engrossingly powerful. People need to be more aware of its dangers before it devours the lives more of our youth.