Quit WoW Addiction, Win at Life.

Can't stop it.

I've been playing WoW for awhile now, and i have left the game 4 times but I'M always coming back I am drawn to it it rarely effects my life style since many of my real life friends Play WoW as well but when we go out its all we talk about.

I don't mind it i just wish we'd be less addicted so we could talk of other things. is anything that stops this WoW from controlling my life? i tried four times and every time i quit i come back in 2 months or so.


I want to take the portal to real life

I have been playing wow since 2004; I played got addicted then watched my relationship with my previous boyfriend fall apart (not just for reason of my own he played too). We quit the game and things started to slowly get better we got married and had a baby. Then one day we were bored and turned it back on again sure enough a few months later, the same thing happened.

I can remember actually cancelling plans with friends and family to raid or level, it was pathetic so yet again we quit. We had a lot of other relationship problems that made us doomed but I'd be lying if I didn't say wow was a big part of it. We separated for 6 months then got back together yet again seemingly ok, then BAM turned the game on and this time we were done, divorced.

I moved out of state with my son and in with my current boyfriend who, guess what, plays wow, we both do. But 5 days ago I cancelled my account. I want to delete the game forever. The hard thing is my new boyfriend and his son both play and my boyfriend is a GM so he has real money invested in the game, with a website and Ventrillo. I can't even sit at my P.C. next to him while he plays it feels like an invisible rope tired around my insides pulling me to it. I cry a lot and see how pathetic it is I ever put so much time into this and just the past week alone spending more time with my 3 year old has made him and I so much happier. I don't want to be the typical non-playing wow g/f that guilt her boyfriend into quitting but I'm so afraid he's going to draw me back in unintentionally. I don’t want to be a loser who fills her life with make believes video games I want to go out and meet new people have friends and start a life here. This is so hard.
/wowquit girl


Outta shape.

I'm a heavy WoW/DotA player. Today while playing, I met a stranger who bragged about running 3 miles to everybody in a game of DotA. I replied by saying that 3 miles was nothing. Then I got up and tried to run 3 miles, made it about 400 yards and collapsed - felt like I was having a heart attack. I'm only 23 and am technically in the prime shape of my lifetime -- how sad :( So I'm going to try to cut down my WoW time and improve my health, wish me luck!



I have been dating a really nice guy for almost 5 months. He plays WoW. Looks like he might be addicted to me. 16 hour games, generally. I read about the symptoms and it scared me. Please someone who has insight, is it worth it? Do they ever stop?


wow is a kids game

i'm addicted. don't know why?!? that's the most frustrating part. i know i'm not accomplishing anything worthy of spending time on. i'm even bored most of the time i play. the one friend i could really call a 'friend' is calling me less and less and ignoring me even. i'm only 19 and i know life could be better. i'm depressed. help!?!?!!


make friends in the real world

I played the game for 2 years and surprisingly I met many good friends. There are many amazingly, cool individuals that are attracted to WoW - We ALL aren't super-addicted zombies. Nevertheless, many of the friends I met came and went. When one of my best friends on WoW DaJackal left recently, the game just didn't feel the same. I quit for the first time a few months ago, and it didn't seem hard or anything. But I relapsed and came back because of 'peer pressure' from some of the other friends I had met in my guild. I'm going to try to quit again and try to make more friends in the real world. Unlike friends in WoW, friendships in the real world last.