Quit WoW Addiction, Win at Life.

WoW vs Crack

Every day I played I thought a crack addiction would take up less time than finding a group to run any instance. Every time you almost get ready to run mom is telling me to eat dinner, wife aggro, or the dreaded hey i just found another group thats full gotta go...


Lost my husband to WOW

Hello, I am another WOW widow...I hope others won't have to go through this is why I'm posting. My old man started only playing occasionally and is now playing this and Civ/Evony every 30 minutes when he can. He says he's setting tasks...he is verbally abusive to me if I question him at all about gaming, which isn't cool. When I met him I thought he was this huge family guy, only he doesnt't do any chores other than trash now. He is older and has an advanced degree, yet has decided to work at the mall and play WOW all the time. He hasn't had any other chicks stick around...he's gone maybe 3/4 times this summer. I wanted a better life for him also. His counselor says he's not addicted, think he lied about how much he played.


Addictive Personalities

I have read a lot about how this substance or that activity or that feeling is addictive, but I'm not sure I agree. There have been so many times in my life I was sure I'd ruined it because of something I couldn't stop myself from doing. There were times I caused such unbelievable mayhem while drunk. There were times when I gambled my rent money and lost. There were times I spent my whole paycheck paying back my dealer. And more recently there were times I didn't finish a crucial project because of WoW.

And yet... I stopped gambling before it bankrupted me. I haven't had a drink in many years. I stopped using illegal chemicals before they killed me or got me arrested. I stopped playing WoW 7 days a week before I lost everything. Now I log in on a Friday night and play for 3 or 4 hours, and I am content.

I've never had therapy, counseling or any kind of intervention to quit any of those things. What I am... is addicted to the risk. Almost getting caught. Finding a way out. Making a narrow escape. I strongly advise all of you who are addicted to WoW to examine yourselves more closely. You can't blame an inanimate thing for your own failings; you are an addict.. and what you are addicted to is just a matter of convenience.

I've had one hell of a social life, working as a DJ for almost 14 years. I've traveled on 3 continents and had many many girlfriends. I've made a million bad choices, and I've made up for them in a million different ways. Sure, I was addicted to WoW. Sure, I played as much as 60 or 70 hours a week. Sure, my friends and I inevitably talk about WoW in 90% of our conversations. Sure, I've done all the things the worst of you have done when it comes to WoW in my real life... so what can I tell you from all this experience? Everything that got me into so much trouble was convenient considering my line of work. Now I've pursued a career in IT for the last 5 years, and WoW is as convenient for me now as the sex, drugs and alcohol was before.

WoW didn't make me a different person.
WoW didn't change my views, goals or beliefs.
WoW didn't ruin my friendships.
WoW didn't tie me down at my desk and have its way with me.

If anyone is to blame for anything I've done, it's me. But I still have my friends, I still have my job, I still have my identity and I still have my marriage. I can be the epitome of "screw-the-consequences-who-needs-tomorrow-anyway?" but WoW got boring, just like everything else. That little gem of knowledge means one thing to me: it's the player that's an addict, not the game that's addictive. Is cheesecake addictive? No, it's just really good, but I'd eat it every day if it were convenient.

Whatever conclusions you come to, good luck in your endeavors! Simply finding what you really want to begin with is half the battle.




Wow is really taking too much time in my life, and really interfering with my school work. I know I can get better grades in school if i stop WoW, but I always seem to forget about that and play Wow anyways ):


WoW hurts your social life

This is why WoW hurts your social life...Some people believe that WoW is a form of social behavior. Even to the point of believing that by playing WoW, you learn valuable social skills that are even transferable to the real world. I really disagree with this... WoW in my opinion does not teach one appropriate, functional social skills for the real world. "Appropriate, functional social skills" are highly dependent on the circumstances a person finds themselves in. For example, when meeting someone new at a business meeting or interview, there is an appropriate character one must portray to the person across the table to gain their confidence and trust. These mannerisms and behaviors are completely different when talking to a girl at a bar. There is a wide array of social skills one learns by living in the real world. Learning how to gain someone's trust is much harder in the real world than it is in games like WoW.

Because of this, I really doubt these social skills can be effectively learned by playing WoW. I agree that some WoW players are unfairly labeled as anti-social. I know many people who play casually and still lead fulfilling social lives. To me WoW becomes anti-social when a person starts valuing WoW interaction more than real-world interaction.


watching people deleting crappy accounts with level 22 and 36 makes me sick.

I ran a pretty big raid guild on Sunstrider EU realm - Alliance. We were top 15th on the server and close to top 10 between both Horde and Alliance and raided 5 nights of 25 mans and 2 nights of 10 mans a week with other 10 mans from day to day. i lead the guild and 100% of the 25 mans. Sitting on my 80 priest in near full 8.5 Ulda gear, healing, focusing in on the green bars of life, I didn't care about anything but keeping those other 24 people alive long enough to see my guildies succeed on another new boss kill.

Anyways, on Youtube there are all these vids of people deleting WoW chars and people quitting - most of them are noobs with 1 x 70 / 80 and a stream of real lowbie chars like 22 and 36 etc and I'm sitting there thinking, "God, you're really truly not addicted mate."
I was working part time clocking up 20 hours a week, only to come home and play 10 - 14 hours extra everyday on WoW, not bothering to go to bed til 5 in the morn for 4 hours sleep before work and coming home with crate of beer and raiding / leveling all the next evening.
within 9 months of TLK i was sitting with:

an unbelievably geared 8.5 holy priest,
80 pvp deadly geared mage,
80 pvp/pve geared hunter,
80 druid newly dinged feral dps,
80 tankin DK, and to top it off an
80 demon lock and had already been starting my next project of leveling a retri pala in its 30s

The game has no more / nothing decent for me to accomplish... 5 / 6 my 80s have epic mounts, the raid guild had 6 tabs in gVaults full of mats, gold in its thousands an pots/flasks / epic BOE from uld an naxx.
I was sitting with a newly purchased hog on my main and had accumulated close to 100k Gold between my chars purely from raiding 40+ hours a week and leveling countless hours on top of that. It was then I realized money wasn't a problem anymore, PvE wasn't a problem, I didn't have to worry bout getting into decent raids, I was able to make them, PvP wasn't a problem I had chars geared for it. If i was ganked too many times, a simple log-on with the mage... and pew-pew, I raped the Horde.
I had built a guild that had seemed stable but when I decided to try and quit I realized it was built around my addiction and peoples realization that Con was always gonna be on to make raids, I realized people don't give a damn about me they only care about those epic purple bracers off of thorim or yogg.

I looked at it all and realized I'm wasting my life here and literally, quite literally - snapped. People didn't care about others... I had thought the game was built around friendship and social aspects, but people merely play to fill their addictions with their outdoor masks off.

Well, at the moment, I'm only 24 hours after deleting everything... but damn, 3.5 years of levelin n raidin gone, I was just kind of sickened at people who post vids on YouTube saying they're addicted and deleting 1 character and 2 lowbies... Damn gonna be a long hard fight cuz its taken me a year to pluck up the courage to delete chars ( and yea, i know you can still get em back after deleting ) but i think I'm finally done with WoW.

Cheers for reading, Con