Quit WoW Addiction, Win at Life.


When did I purchase the game? August 2005. Have I tried to quit before? Yes. Am I trying to quit again? Yes.

The World of Warcraft ("WoW") is not evil. It is simply computer code. The machinations that make WoW difficult to put down stem from our own decisions. We cannot blame computer code for own decision to boot up our computers, run a particular program (which we pay $15 per month for the license), enter our user names and passwords, and sit idly in front of our computer monitors for hours on end. No, it is our choice.

As a result of that choice, we may experience loss. What we lose, however, can be tangible: friends, family, prestige, self-esteem. What do we gain? Ephemeral pleasures that may have no lasting impact on our lives. Nothing pains me more than the decision to spend a good portion of the past four years playing WoW. The time lost can never be recovered. The only choice is to more wisely use the time which is allotted to us. I choose to quit and by this writing execute my choice.


I'm Free of WoW

I started with the trial, intending never to buy the game. Next thing you know I have a level 20 Tauren Shaman and bought a copy of WoW. I paid 2 months gametime, reached lv60, bought Burning Crusade then went 60 - lv70 in 1 week. I originally tried to buy BC expansion online, but the payment failed and my main character was locked out of the game for a week of time that i had paid for until i bought the boxed version. I complained. Blizzard ignored me for about a week and offered no explanation or my game time back. By this time i was completely under the spell. Spending probably 16 hours a day playing, and ignoring my college work completely. I installed WotLK expansion demo and reached lv74. with the trial turning off after 2 days of demo. Account frozen. Any WOW addict will understand how angry i was about that. You're supposed to get 10 GODDAMN DAYS ON THE STUPID TRIAL AAAARRRGH. I calmed myself down and calmly wrote an email to Blizzard support explaining that my trial had ran out early and I want to use the trial before I buy, as I did with Burning Crusade and with the original game.

1 week later, still no reply. I was extremely annoyed, I had been playing a free trial account new character to keep me going. I wrote another email, as I didn't even know if the last one had been ignored. This really is 50 times more frustrating for a wow addict than anyone else. When I contacted them as a new player they answered straight away and were really helpful. Contact them as a lv 75, i guess they know your addicted and they can just ignore you because they know you will have to renew your account payments.

This was what helped me to quit. I realized the anger I felt at Blizzard's non-existent customer service and thought about the money and time i had wasted.

Original game=£10, BC expansion=£15, 2 months subscription= £18.

To get my game working again without waiting for blizzard I would HAVE to buy both a 1 month subscription at £9 and a copy of WOTLK expansion at £20. So they want £29 minimum before i can play again. That made everything clear to me: Blizzard do not give 2craps about any individual gamer.

I'm am so very glad that they took nearly a whole month to reply, not answering my questions or offering any information relevent to the email i sent. Something like: 'Thank u for your email, your paid account period has expired'. no mention of the free trial. no mention of the fact that if i Paid the subs my main still wouldnt work because my character had started the WOTLK trial therefore i would need to buy the expansion to play that character again.

I understood i had a problem, and the only solution was to use this anger against the game: they treat me like crap, i refuse to pay, I don't need that game.

From here it was easy, every time i get tempted to play, I just think of my anger at that email after waiting nearly a month, they didn't even bother to address what I emailed about. Some people may think its petty to leave over a few days of free trial time, but the fact that they decide not to let me use the trial because I'll have to pay sooner really gave me the energy to say no-more. I hear things like "But just imagine how many people they have to deal with." My reply is " Just imagine how much money we are paying them to do that"

I haven't played for about 8 months now and am still at college, i now see my 73-74 dual-spec Tauren Shaman + own guild and 2 tabs for what it is: a complete waste of time and money. He is still there in Terrokaar realm never to be played again. I owe a guy 500g in that realm, I was busy slaving to get it back for him when I left. I hope he understands.

(previously ayhuasca - terrokaar realm)


Tip for parents

As an ex-wow addict, I would suggest having a ban on World of warcraft for your kids, especially if they have never played it yet. It is just too risky. If anyone asks me about WOW, i tell them its rubbish and not worth the bother(even tho i know its the most addictive game that ever existed).
My daughter will never get into WOW because she will never own a copy. Its easier to say no once, than have to drag them screaming and crying away from the game. What she doesnt know wont hurt her.


What if I relapse...again?

I am NOT the oft-heard horror story of a college student who plays WoW and starts failing classes or drops out. I never skipped school or work to play. I didn't lose contact with my friends or family because of WoW, though I may have used WoW as an excuse for my pre-existing introverted tendencies.

But when I played I hated myself. I played too much. I stayed up too late and put off homework until the last minute. My husband and I would rarely do other things with our time together. I was too emotionally involved with the game and the guild. When I would get home from school or work I would immediately head to the computer room. I graduated college with a 3.9 GPA, but I feel like I dismissed opportunities to really take advantage of my time as an undergraduate by participating in extra-curriculars or acting like I appreciated my education. WoW made me irritable, moody, and ashamed of myself.

This is my 2nd time "quitting" WoW. It's been 3 months, and I feel more than ever the strong pull to go back to the game. I am in academic limbo right now: I can't go to graduate school until next fall, and I am working at a job doesn't offer any sense of fulfillment just to pay the bills. My husband is dissatisfied with his job at the moment and also feels like all we do is go to work, come home, watch a couple hours of TV, then go to bed to rinse and repeat. We feel bored with our lives, even knowing that our future plans make this phase temporary. We feel like WoW would give us something to look forward to, however silly, and if we weren't in a serious raiding guild this time around then we could limit our playing time. Then when I got to graduate school I could quit to focus on my studies.

It sounds too good to be true, and probably is. If we started again, could I quit when I needed to? Could we limit ourselves so we don't go to work tired every day from staying up too late? Would I still spend time with my friends and family? Could we use WoW, without WoW using us?


Learn how to manipulate your family.

The only thing I've ever been addicted to was a strong cup of coffee on a cold day. I started playing wow about one year ago but within that one year, my whole life ended up teetering on the edge of the "you're life is so fucked" pit. In my senior year, I lost membership in honor roll because of my failing grades. But i lost more than that. The once broad selection of scholarships and insurance cost cuts also went down the drains. I became very dependent on others and gained a dangerous passive-aggressive attitude.

The day i knew I had really fucked up was the day I realized how much i had manipulated others to feed my addictions. WoW had taken up my whole weekend and I had neglected to complete a major essay due the next day. My parents wouldn't let me on the computers at 1:00 am in the morning to fix my mistakes. So I ran away from home to retaliate. I left cruel texts for my family saying how I might be willing to come home in return to finish my papers. They looked for me for hours. When they found me wandering the streets, I got home and they let me finish.

No one trused me after that stunt and they still don't to this day. It's now clear to me why they shouldn't. It was my fault for not having the discipline to stop playing and finish the major assignment. And I had manipulated my way through every similar situation caused by my addiction that I didn't even notice how distant my family had become towards me.

And for those of you who may argue you can play casually, you must have a GODLY sense of discipline. We know it's bullshit. Stop being blinded by your false excuses and go drink some coffee...


It's not impossible.

I was addicted to WoW for about 4 years. During those 4 years I became a monster. I stopped eating, I let me grades drop from A's to C's and D's, I lost a lot of good friends and replaced them with virtual friends that I had never met. WoW for me was an escape from reality, what started out as 4 good friends playing a game together turned into 3 of them leaving and letting 1 turn himself into a loser. During those 4 years I took WoW-cations where I left for a few months and came back. My greatest WoW-cation was when I hit level 70 got full gladiator gear and then quit because the game got boring, I was clean for 5 months. It was only a little after the release of Wrath of the Lich King that I went back to my old server, re-connected with friends I made and then started up my account again. When I started playing on my Winter Break of 8th grade (winter of 2008-2009) I had straight A's until I started playing. I went back to school and because of this game I played sick to come home. I made up a fake excuse saying that "I was up puking all night so I just need to go home and rest" or "Mom, I'm sick" and ended up missing a full 2 weeks of school because of my re-ignited addiction.

It may seem impossible to quit sometimes but what eventually got me to quit was that the game got boring, I realized that I had ruined my life, I ended up spending more time in Kara with my raid and connecting with them more than my friends in real life. Girls I used to know and hang out with started to make fun of me for sitting in the back of the classroom and playing WoW.

Please, try to quit. It will ruin your life. If your reading this and you haven't installed WoW yet, go return the game and pick up Call of Duty, at least you can put that down.

I will say this though, I have made some genuine friends on this game, I still talk to them today and would like to say that not everyone that plays this game is a creepy old guy wanting to have sex with you. I have met some of the players I raided with in real life and they are good people. I am 14 and I have been clean of WoW for almost 1 year.