Quit WoW Addiction, Win at Life.

I'm a wreck

I quit WoW on Monday 1/18, it's been 32 hours since I logged in to clear out my mail so that I coulf give my account to my friend. I took the authenticators off, and advised my friend to put his on it. He told me today that he liquidated all of my mats, gave my gold to another friend of mine and that the accounts are now in storage. It made me sick to my stomach. When does the depression stop?


I'm addicted and trying to kick the game. It's been 5 days now

Basically, I started playing when WoW came out. I've had about 7 accounts all with top chars. The reason for so many accounts is the fact that I've tried to give up that many times well .................
My wife came into my front room and said we need to talk and I was like no I'm busy... As you can guess what I was doing - I was in a raid just about to do the second boss in icc. My wife turns around and says again we really need to talk, so I sit there tell me raid brb 5 mins. Wife going on at me ... my wife now has my attention I'm really annoyed - she is saying if I don't give it up, she is going to leave me and take the kids and live with her mum so we started arguing. I said you're leaving me for no reason, you're being stupid, but she was set on what to do and she packed her stuff up... said she is going to stay at the house for 2 days to sort somethings out. She left the room, I turned to the raid and said - guys I'm so sorry I have to go ... my wife has left me at this point. .... ....
It hit home what I have been doing to her for the past 3 years being with her. I've quit so many times and come back to it but now I've lost it all. I am serious on quitting. Me and my wife are still not together... I'm going to see her and my children 2moz. I've given my £400 pound pc away... yes that's right, not sold it, gave it away. My account is on ebay - i'm kicking it for real this time. WoW is a game but its a addictive one its worse than drugs. I think it should be banned from TV advertisment shop windows and such... well anyway I might have a second chance with my family as I've not really been there for them for over a year. I'm surprised my wife lasted that long. If it was the other way around, I'd have been gone half a year ago so here it is ... hopefully I'll be away from WoW forever...


Watch how I quit WoW


This game does have an ending and any of us get to write it. This game is unhealthy at best and very addicting at worst.

The good news is, if you really make up your mind, you can decide to end it. Real life is way too short to waste it on this junk.


How it started

It started before the game was even out. Too escape my life I used to play the mmo ultimate online but that was nothing serious maybe 2-10 hours a week. When I heard about WoW I logged onto the blizzard website to check out races and class combinations at this time I was an A class student.

So the day came, 3 copies of the game came (2 for my brothers). At first I was only playing afew hours aweek. The hours creeped up the girl friend started complaining more. I went 2 weeks during the christmas hoildays without seeing my gf, I got a text saying that I wasn't spending time with her anymore, she ended the relationship.

I was devestated.. I got hooked, every moment where I didn't have wow I though about it and to make things worse the game made me more shy at school which in turn made me want to escape to my more comfortable life wow. My parents didn't give a crap they never have, I decided to quit, I did this by purposly breaking my laptop.

Afew years later I'm at uni and my friend says that his boss plays wow, until then I'd never heard the game term since I last played. I though I'd take a look and seehow things were. I said to myself this time I will play in moderation! Real life will have the priority... Didn't turn out like that, I dropped out of uni and wasted a whole year of my life. So today I quit wow I sold my account for a reasonable amount of money. I feel like q part of me has died and I shall miss my other life dearly. But when I look at everything that's happned, a lost gf, whole year of university wasted I think too myself - "wtf was I doing?!"


WoW.. all I am thinking of...

I am 15, and I'm playing the game for 3 years now...
When i started the game, at the age of 12, it was a really fascinating new world for me. But i've been a casual player at this time, because i had better things to do (such as going out with my friends). I played every day for 2 hours, not more.
I started, because my friends all played the game. In the breaks, even in my free time they've been talking about this game. I started as a Night Elf warrior and I really enjoyed sitting in Stormwind as a lvl 24 character.
Everything was all right till i turned 14. Most of my friends stopped playing, I didn't. My grades in school went really bad, i repeated twice a form.
But I havent cared about it.When i came home, first thing i did, was logging on WoW.
So I played from 3 pm till 3 am. then i went to bed and woke up at 6.
I tried to stop at this time, because it was really bad for my health.
I went pale, and lost 15 kg of weight, so my weight was 45 on 1.75 metres.
My parents didn't really cared about it, only at the start because my grades went bad. Later everything was fine, because i did my homework, while playing.

At this time i played till 70.

I turned 15.
At the beginning of Wotlk I started a tauren DK. I enjoyed it.
It took 3 days from 55-80.
I didn't went to school at this time, because I didn't want to miss the beginning of naxxramas.
Later on, when ulduar came out, i raided almost every day.

Then on Patch 3.2 i definetely played too much...
It has been my holidays, and my parents wanted to go to thailand.I just told them I don't want to so I stayed at home.
I calculated everything for playing. with 4 hours sleep i had loads of time.
I got the t9 set in 3 weeks.

Now: I still cant stop to play, but the good thing is that my computer is broken, so i cant play. But I still managed to kill the first to bosses of Icecrown Citadel. Thanks for reading.

Kuisito - Blackhand EU


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I'm going to break my disks today, after 8 months clean. I just couldn't do it when I first stopped playing...