Quit WoW Addiction, Win at Life.

Im Not Sure what to do..

Well i started playing WoW about 11 days ago,i got the free trial,an played till now,today was the last day and decided to just spend my time surfing websites instead of playing since my trial expired,i sit here an read all these stories and,i like the game very much,but,i wonder if i can control my need for the game or if im just going to be back here in 4 years writing how i wasted my life,im 15 an have a girlfriend,she is 16 an i know i love her,but we spend all our time arguing all day,until i get home to play WoW i forget about the real life i have,i realize i get mad at her for so little things,i realize that i just do this to pass the time until i get to play,ive been thinking all day if buying the full version of this game is the best for my life,i honestly feel need for the game right now and i dont know if i can control myself if i buy the full version.im only level 20 but have gotten so into the game with many friends and groups who just wait for me every night,i sometime ignore my calls when im playing wether it be my girlfriend or friends or loved ones,i feel like i can control myslef,but i know im weak when it comes to things like this,i just kicked a 3 year xbox 360 addiction an have just started playing games again,every moring i wake up at 12 pm (i am homeschooled) from being up all night ,i wake up with my whole left arm numb and my right hand sore,i know this is bad for me,but i really like it,as i am 15 i dont have a card to pay but i do have a job,minumum wage,i asked my bro for his card an said id pay him each month,but i feel guilty for it,his daughter is about to be born and i just feel guilty for taking money from him while he needs it now more than ever,i realize my fingers itch every night to just get on an play WoW from 10 pm to 4 pm at night,thats 70 hours ive wasted playing this stuppid game,im not sure if i should just keep going and try to control it,or try to quit while im ahead,please help...


My son is an Wow addict...

My son just turned 17 and is in his junior year of high school. Our family has been suffering from his video game/ wow addiction for years. He has always been a A/B student and in a couple of honors/AP classes. He was on track for a FULL RIDE scholarship until this year. He lost it do to not studying, and lying to play WOW. He bought his own computer and we had it in our room for awhile. He managed to keep his grades up as long as we monitored his playing. At 16, we let him put it in his room and thats when everything fell apart. It went back to our room but we had to put a dead bolt on our door. He has gotten very abusive, physically and verbally. We've had the police over when it has gotten this bad. We didn't want to press charges because we thought it would pass and didn't want him to have a record. Has been in counseling and even hospitalized for depression, (that comes from not being able to play). He has lost all ambition of going to college. Never had a girlfriend. He is very good looking but cannot carry on a conversation with anybody without talking about the game. Kids at school look at him as a nerd.The friends he has have the same addiction and there parents don't seem to care about the amount of time they play. They are ok with them getting D's in school. I don't understand that. I want more for him. I see his potential. He has such a gift and is throwing it away. We as parents don't know where to turn. I'm tired of the roller coaster ride in this house. I wish there was a rehab center for this.


I still miss it, but I'm so much better off

I started playing WoW freshman year of college, got to level 7 and quit. It was a total waste of time and I felt lucky that I, an extremely addictive person, was immune to the delights of WoW.

After the charm of freshman year wore off, I found myself immensely bored, and a very good friend of mine who I respected a lot suggested that I share his account. We did, and I began to spiral out of control. Fast. I played WoW whenever I wasn't doing something else, and I was smoking an unquantifiable amount of weed at the same time. I wasted the halcyon days of college playing WoW. Finally, one day, I got frustrated and quit.

NOT. Come the summer before my Senior year, that same good friend of mine suggested that we start again to curb the boredom. "NO WAY!" I said. "Absolutely not. It's too slippery of a slope!" In two days he'd convinced me, and I started again full tilt. Because it was the summer and my buddy and I had a 2 hour/day internship that paid like a 40hr workweek, I basically wasted away and made it to level 70. Two weeks into 70, I finally pulled the plug and have been clean ever since.

I have to mention this because it sets my case apart from everyone else's: I was BAD at WoW. I'm talking permanoob bad. I could never join a party because I would get booted instantly. I spent probably 1/3 of my wow time as a fucking ghost trying to find my corpse. This is the main reason I could never go back...it took me about 13 days of gameplay to reach level 70 and I only had one character!

If I was any good at the game, I'd probably still be playing. It's terrifying.


Finally quit

I got hooked last year and WoW started to dominate my life, school bascially everything. My friends played so quitting was not something i was going to consider and as the months went by i spent more and more time online. Then one of my friends quit, he'd had enough and wanted to get on with his life. However i didnt quit at this point and my addiction got worse.
I'd played for about a year and quit a few weeks ago. I felt that WoW had consumed enough of my life and i didn't want it to get any worse.
I had a relapse once but found the game no longer appealed to me like it had before. I URGE people to give the game a break and you may find that actually there are better things to do.


Relationship down the drain

So I've been with my boyfriend almost three years. He was addicted to WoW and thus got me to play. Now I am also addicted! But fortunately, I've broken the addicted but that's all he talks about. So it's hard to stop playing if he doesn't shush about it! I'm still not playing nearly as much, if at all but he's soo addicted. This is ruining our relationship.


i was unemployed, played WoW for 4 years.

Basicly i was unemployed for around 6 years, i'm 34 years old. and i play WoW and gained 7 level 80s with epic gear and stupid Gold, and untold raids, so i said to my self i gotta get out of this Madness sitting on a Chair 10 Hours aday playing a Game what's Wrong with me this is 'CRAZY'.

so i looked around for a Job, and looked at some college Courses, and went too see about some qualifications. Microsoft certified Course. and completed it and now i can Fix computers i earn 18000 pounds a year now instead of being on welfare Benefits and my friends are happy and they've retuned back i'm sooooo happy

and now i'm gonna Buy my flat, and try get a nice car i've missed out on so much