Quit WoW Addiction, Win at Life.

To hell with WoW! We know better!

I played WoW for a long time, and I was in fact addicted to it. Then after some years, when my social life was at it worst, and my spine cried out pain all day long, I decided to quit once and for all. Today I would never play any computer game, because I've realized how useless it is. I want to learn things, talk, discuss, argue, laugh and love; not sit in a dark room, sweaty, dirty and hungry staring into a square. Blizzard don't care anything about you, they only want your money. It's a big corrupted corporation that runs all this mess, and it will continue as long as we pay them. I remember when I entered this site in hope to find good arguments to why it's okay to play WoW, but if you are that person now, I tell you: there are no arguments. 99,99999% of the world's population don't need it - why would we need it? Drugs provide alot of things, but there's one thing they don't provide: happiness.


Almost relapsed...

Just as I was taking a break from studying I noticed that I was looking over the new videos for Diablo 3. Before long I was then drawn to the WoW site after nearly a year and a half WoW-sober. No one was in the room, I was surfing the site and... after about 10 or so PvP videos on youtube... suddenly, as if coming out of a trance I had just clicked on and downloaded the WoW for Mac version to my desktop. I immediately deleted the file and exited out of the website.

I still feel the urge to find my guild on my old realm... ohh the times we used to have together.


Quitting WoW Feels Like You're Finally Coming Up For Air!

If there were some kind of superpower that was bent on world domination, one of the tools it would use is World of Warcraft. This game has successfully sucked millions into playing endlessly, pursuing purposeless, meaningless goals in a make-believe world of pure fantasy. 7 million people around the world continue to subscribe to this game and millions remain heavily addicted.

Myself, I just stopped playing a few days ago. I had started in late 2007 and played until early 2009, when I quit because it felt like the game was taking over my life. After I stopped playing I became extremely productive and took that competitive fire that was helping me kill bosses and applied it to real life. What did I do? I enrolled in a computer programming course, decided that I liked it, took a couple of graduate courses in computer science, and then decided to apply to grad school! Along the way I met a guy that I fell in love with. When things didn't work out I stupidly went back to playing this game because I was "bored" and wanted to forget about him. For anyone that has been addicted to this game, you know how WoW starts out like Solitaire, where you play for an hour or two and shut off the computer and go to bed. As you progress in the game you become more immersed and eventually have to spend all of your free time playing because it required that much work! I did this from late 2010 and just quit last week (March 15, 2012)!

Last weekend I suddenly decided to take an inventory of my life--I compared what I had achieved during that time when I didn't play WoW with what I had achieved when I was playing WoW and the difference was incredible. When I wasn't playing WoW for just ONE YEAR I discovered an interest in computer programming, took 2 semesters of graduate-level courses, applied to grad school, and fell in love with someone and wanted to marry him. When I was playing WoW I did nothing except play WoW.

So, for anyone that is considering quitting here is the proof--compare what you had accomplished when you weren't playing WoW with what you've accomplished while you were playing WoW; the difference is pretty startling. If you're afraid of being bored play "Skyrim" or some other game that will end, not a game that keeps going forever. Read a book, hang out with friends, play a sport. And remember that being a little bored is a fair trade off for not giving up all of your hopes and dreams in life!

I hope you can see now that WoW will stop you from achieving *anything* in life, including going on that Hawaii vacation that you've wanted to do for so long. If you're willing to give up your dreams, keep playing. Otherwise, stop because for every minute you spend in the game, reduce your plans in life a little more because you will have less time to complete them.


Tempted as we speak

I cancelled my account 5 days ago. Frustrated with not being able to find the people to do what I want ingame which made the experience less fun. Also decided I would stop, see how it goes, and hopefully not come back, or come back with better ground rules. I'm travelling without a Pc for 5 days, and would be able to play alot of WoW. Wife needed the laptop, I actually bight another with the intention of loading and playing WoW then returning it. I decided not to do that since I was quitting, and that felt good. I walked through an electronics store, saw the comps, and headed to my hotel room with the intent of doing it anyhow. Turned on my iPhone, web was at this page. I read some stories and got a chill. So I typed this on my iPhone instead. I have only one main toon, he has 172 pets, 150 mounts (ashes, tlpd, aeonoxx, both old ZG mounts), and 400,000 gold. I don't raid, but that other stuff shows I was into it and in a way will be giving up some relatively significant accomplishments (for WoW). That strong urge followed by these posts unnerved me. Thanks for reading, input is appreciated. Gonna walk past the comps later with a prepared frame of mind. That actually feels good!


He's the person I know somewhere in there.

My boyfriend of 12yrs has became a completely different person since he started playing WoW 3yrs ago. I regret the day I called Dell to order him a computer. He has lost communication with his friends and family. When people come to our home he practically hides. I would not be writing on here, if it wasn't for our 2 children. They are beautiful, they are not always the easiest to deal with but their kids. When I get home from work the kids are left to me and he strolls off to the computer. Our kids have no idea what it is like to have a father that plays with them or shows any type of affection. Our daughter thrives for his attention and he won't give her the time of day. He speaks to her and myself with the cockiest attitude. When he is asked to do something he throws a fit b/c it pulls him off his game. We used to do things together but now we have nothing in common. And like most of you know, if you say anything about addiction it's a huge fight. I've made myself numb, I don't know what it's like to have affection, love, or an adult conversation. It has literally been over 2yrs since we've sat and watched a movie or show together. I wish I could help him understand that he has already lost me and he's about to lose his children. I can leave and their are other people out there that could make me and our kids happy. All in all, I love him, I miss him and I want him back! I hope that he realizes it b4 his children are all grown b/c you will never get that time back. I hate this game with a passion. It makes me angry.


How WoW affected me.

-15 server transfers (25$ per = $325)
-7 faction changes (30$ per = $210)
-Approx. 3.5 years of monthly subscription ($17 per = $714)
-Mounts, & buying accounts ($225)
-Software for 2 accounts ($60 per = $120)

Total approximate financial cost: $1594

Personal affects:
-I have refused countless friend offerings to go to some non-wow thing
-I have refused numerous intimate encounters with an ex-girlfriend
-I have been on the phone with family/friends while playing
-Shame when I was playing, not exactly sure why, think I was a closet player in my life

-Many nights gone without sleep and going to work the next day
-Many times logging off and eyes hurting, head spinning, and "dreaming" of wow
-Shitty ass diet

In-game story:

I distinctly remember telling myself on my first druid "Once I get my epic land mount, I should quit" At the time, this mount&training cost me 1000g and that was really hard for my newbie self to earn. Didn't quit. This was BC and so I levelled up to 68 and got away with a cheap flight form. I then said to myself "Once I get my epic flight form, I should quit." The memory of getting epic flight form is fuzzier than getting epic land which suggests the addiction had began to spread. I was naive at one point in thinking "Once I hit 60, surely I will have no desire to continue to play"

Continuing on with the mount theme, on my shaman in Wotlk, I said to myself "Once I get 50 mounts, I should quit". This I remember distinctly doing, manually deleting all items and the the characters on my shaman and a few other toons. A couple days pass and I send a pleading email to blizzard support claiming that my account was hacked and all my characters were gone. I got a response saying that *so and so* could be recovered which was essentially 95% of what I had had. And so I continued to play, actually rather enjoying Wotlk.

Eventually cata came out, by which point I had deleted my shaman again and other toons and had a new druid and dk. Through some brute brute grind I for some reason put myself through levelling archeology in hopes to get the dragon recipe for alchemy. I got really bored with the game really fast (not by any means having run out of content, just bored), being bored coupled with people's increasing lack of patience within groups led me to "quit" in which I gave away this iteration of my "life's" earnings of 15k worth of stuff and gold (hey it was a lot to me). Shortly after that, I was day-dreaming and was like "Hey, I should make a rogue and be crazy good at 85". Got the rogue up to 70 and said fuck it. Once more I have deleted my toons, all I can hope is that I will not go back. Reading all your posts and doing one of my own have really been helpful in accepting that this game's addictive structure truly is epic.

"GG blizzard, you got me good, I was not prepared"