Quit WoW Addiction, Win at Life.


When did I purchase the game? August 2005. Have I tried to quit before? Yes. Am I trying to quit again? Yes.

The World of Warcraft ("WoW") is not evil. It is simply computer code. The machinations that make WoW difficult to put down stem from our own decisions. We cannot blame computer code for own decision to boot up our computers, run a particular program (which we pay $15 per month for the license), enter our user names and passwords, and sit idly in front of our computer monitors for hours on end. No, it is our choice.

As a result of that choice, we may experience loss. What we lose, however, can be tangible: friends, family, prestige, self-esteem. What do we gain? Ephemeral pleasures that may have no lasting impact on our lives. Nothing pains me more than the decision to spend a good portion of the past four years playing WoW. The time lost can never be recovered. The only choice is to more wisely use the time which is allotted to us. I choose to quit and by this writing execute my choice.