Quit WoW Addiction, Win at Life.

Wowcrack - It Really Is That Bad

I've been looking for a way to contact the site owners because our stories are so similar. So much in fact that we both created websites about similar themes. This website focuses on helping the individual on the path of recovery while mine satires the WoW experience (hence www.worldofwowcrack.com). If the site owner sees this, please contact me through the website.

My addiction story goes far beyond the norm for Wowaholics and it's a miracle to be able to tell you parts of this story today. Shrinking from 6'4" 210 all muscle athlete and scholar at UCLA to a 6'4" wowaholic weighing in at 150 lbs., malnourished, and obsessed with raiding on anything and everything with the most "hard-core" guilds in North America.

To reduce the amount of time required to eat, take in fluid, and use the bathroom, the best system to accomplish the most efficient means of sustaining life while playing WoW consisted of drinking only enough fluid to survive but not necessitate a bathroom trip, eat only enough food for nourishment but not enough to require time away from the PC at bad moments (any moment away from wow was a bad moment), and of course, raid with an empty plastic bottle by my side to eliminate the need to afk.

That's just the tip of the iceberg.