Quit WoW Addiction, Win at Life.

WoW ruined my life

I had it all.

I was popular, people looked up to me and I had a nice girlfriend.

Then this game came into my life and everything changed. I locked myself up inside of my house and shut myself out from the rest of the world. I started to play Wow for long hours, ignoring the outside world.

The game ultimately consumed me. I became the game. I was not happy unless I was on sever and in the game. There was always something to do when I was on it, whether it be pursuing the next quest or waiting for the raid the next night. Even when I was relaxing and not playing I would sit on the server and just chat with my buddies in the guild. I ate all of my meals in front of the computer so that I could be in the game while I did this. I stopped caring about real life because the game for me became real life. I would sleep on the couch next to my computer so that I would never be away from it. I sometimes would stay up until I could barely keep my eyes open and could barely hold the mouse so I could continue playing until I dropped from weariness into a deep slumber. Immediately after waking up I would relog into the game.

I lost most of my real life friends who stopped calling after I ignored them repeatedly for the game. I gained 30+ pounds because I sat on my computer all the time. And I looked like total crap because I had stopped attending to my basic needs such as shaving and going for days without a shower.

I lost my girlfriend, my job and most of my friends. In addition I ruined my health by eating fast food all the time and staying up all the time to stare at a computer screen.

This game ruined my life.