Quit WoW Addiction, Win at Life.

Wife left me because of WoW

From begin want to appologize for any grammatical mistakes, english is not my native language.
Started to play WoW in spetember 2007, it was so fascinating that quickly became an addiction.managed in 4 years of playing to gather 629 days played time..addon Altoholic shows it :s .Anyway, in begin my wife was playing too, she liked that game also, there was many many weeks when we was doing nothing except playing and sleeping, now i cann't even remember in real time how many years/months back it was..was during BT days..back in TBC. Sucks that my time measure is tied to wow expansions...
During Naxx in wotlk she stoped to play because she got bored of it and just stoped. Me...rolled all classes to max level,after made 10x characters on one realm (limit pre realm) rolled on other realm and did 10 x horde to max level also...cataclysm came few months ago, on the moment when i gave account details to an ingame friend and uninstaled game from PC there was 19 x level 85.
for almost 1,5 years wife was begging me to stop playing and get back to life. All her words, warnings about divorce, crying, she even broke up PC, took a new one on next day, had no effect on me. She was kind of invisible for me, not only her, i was going to bed with thoughs like : what combo is more viable for my main toon, how to improve my healing in raids, how to get more achievment points, where to get more golds etc etc..
And guess what, 4 days ago she said that it's the end of our relation and nothing can change it more. in 4 years of wow my longest break from game was hours when i was sleeping, now i unninstaled game , burned discs, gave account to other person and only getting close to PC if she aint around. Afraid it's to late tho..Now i don't know if i'll be able to win her back, but if around here are people who still play that game and somehow found themselves in similar situation as me, take this in consideration