Quit WoW Addiction, Win at Life.

A way to quit

Well the just of thing. i played wow since ending of 05 and now i 'm hear today. First of which, i want addictive at first so the few years i wasnt even playing it now i do. But there is a way, it may take you off fore a few months or more but here you go. for some people this is hard but go to your main character and do this with the others and then press "delete character," type in delete then walk away and turn off the screen....once u do that walk away and ask someone if they can hit the enter key for you and so it's done. for life experience i did that and i was upset for days but i got over it and now I'm back on it since Burning crusades came out and "close" to lich king and ever since i just remembered my password and press that terrible button "Create Character" and i am stuck once more =( but thats OK i guess i have 2 balance MY TIME, if u cant quit just put on the time restriction and there you go =)