Quit WoW Addiction, Win at Life.

Tempted as we speak

I cancelled my account 5 days ago. Frustrated with not being able to find the people to do what I want ingame which made the experience less fun. Also decided I would stop, see how it goes, and hopefully not come back, or come back with better ground rules. I'm travelling without a Pc for 5 days, and would be able to play alot of WoW. Wife needed the laptop, I actually bight another with the intention of loading and playing WoW then returning it. I decided not to do that since I was quitting, and that felt good. I walked through an electronics store, saw the comps, and headed to my hotel room with the intent of doing it anyhow. Turned on my iPhone, web was at this page. I read some stories and got a chill. So I typed this on my iPhone instead. I have only one main toon, he has 172 pets, 150 mounts (ashes, tlpd, aeonoxx, both old ZG mounts), and 400,000 gold. I don't raid, but that other stuff shows I was into it and in a way will be giving up some relatively significant accomplishments (for WoW). That strong urge followed by these posts unnerved me. Thanks for reading, input is appreciated. Gonna walk past the comps later with a prepared frame of mind. That actually feels good!