Quit WoW Addiction, Win at Life.

The Real Reason I quit WoW

I wish I could say that I quit World of Warcraft because I had realized it was taking up too much time, and decided that I needed to stop (I had accumulated over 87 days of game time). But that wasn't the reason I quit.

The reason I quit was that back in January I got "kicked" from a PUG (pick-up group).

I was devastated. I couldn't believe it.

I still remember it: We had just wiped. I had typed into the party chat, "Well, what should we have done instead?", and had received the reply, "You are not in a group."

At first I didn't understand what had happened. Perhaps a spurious disconnect? But my Internet connection was solid, and I was still able to interact in the game. Finally I checked the game logs, and the message was there: "You have been kicked from the group."

I was totally bummed. "Me? Kicked from the group? I have never been kicked from a group, and I've played hundreds of instances." I was devastated. And indignant, "I know how to play a tank! I know how to keep aggro! I'm reasonably well-geared, know my rotations, and can touch-type my bartender4 keys! I have done my homework: I have studied The Protection Guide on elitist-jerks.com! How dare they kick me!"

Admittedly, it was my first time in that particular instance (Grim Batol). And the party did wipe. And we wiped was because I hadn't been able to get out of the Boss's special attack in time, an attack which I had been warned about. But still, we should have dusted ourselves off and headed back in for a second go.

So I sat there, staring at my computer, feeling like I did when I was in first grade and the eighth graders told me to go away, that I couldn't play with them.

And I thought, "Why the hell am I paying $15/month to feel like this?"

That's why I canceled my WoW account.

Epilogue: I re-enabled my account a month later, got kicked from another group (first time playing Throne of the Tides), and haven't gone back since.