Quit WoW Addiction, Win at Life.


SO i do not wish to share my entire story, i have been clean from WoW for over 3 years now, but have many friends and family who can not shake off the addiction, even though they want too. Which brings me to my point... me and my personal therapist ave started a movement in NC (north carolina) and we urge others to talk to state members of thier own states to do this as well! Our movement is trying to push blizzard into making a time lock on accounts, what i mean by that is to be able to choose a time limit to your game play on a daily basis! this will help the ones that can NOT* quit playing in thier alternate fantcy lives, a chance to at least lower thier gaming time weekly so they can rejoin socity (SLOWLY). Also the block should be permanate, if you choose 3 hours daily you can not raise the time back you may only lower it! **for people who thinks this plan will NOT work, remember these people are paying them for services, and most of us have as well! CUSTOMER service is to make sure everyone is saticfied** the block will not be madatory but should be there for ones who realise they have a problem but are unable to fight it. Also if you do not know how to contact your state represenitives start at the city level they will always have you state governments contact information. They can not refuse to see you, and do not take no for an answer if they try! trust me since quiting WoW i am now a politics major in college!

**Sorry for the mistakes in this! it is being written from a cell phone**