Quit WoW Addiction, Win at Life.

Quit WoW for good.

Its 2011. I started playing WoW when I first got engaged in 2006.
The game is totally designed to keep you playing. If you are a type A personality, you want to succeed at the highest level possible--- In WOW: That means getting into the best guild you can, getting the best gear possible.
I used to be involved in martial arts, semi professional bodybuilding, along with running heavily. I was fit, and ready to take on the world. Over the last decade all of that has deteriorated. Real life just became less interesting. It sounds so terrible to type that in.. but it is how I felt. I could go on and on... on how gaming in general is bad for you, if done to excess. Lets face it... people don't even exercise and eat right working a 9-5 job. How healthy do you think the average hardcore gamer is? Not healthy in the slightest. Blizzard takes your money, and potentially your health and life goals along with it. We as a society are distracted enough from taking care of ourselves. Do we need to add another job of playing a game on top of it?
I for one got too sucked into playing for hours each day. How many more books could I have read? How many more paintings could I have done? How fast would my 1 mile time be? I used to look like a frickin greek god statue. Now? I have a WoW gut and a double chin... all for epics... Wow indeed.... just wow. Get your crap together wow addicts... cause once its all done, all that will remain is a lighter wallet with life having literally passed you by.