Quit WoW Addiction, Win at Life.

Pointers on Quitting the game

1: delete all the gear from your toons
2: give away everything worth anything to a NON guild member/friend
3: Delete toons ( you will feel sick at your stomach, sweat feel tingly when doing this )
4: Break CD's ( yes I know you can dload the game shame on blizz for this loophole )
5: Cancel account or have a friend change the pwd to something you dont know.
6: occupy your time with a console video game ( one that ends ) find some satisfaction in a game finished,
7: join a support group ( such as this one ) ( answer ?s to help othrees quit while helping yourself )
8: dont go back int vent with those you played with, delete all your vent channels too.
9:dont do things that give you the urge, dont google new patche notes, boss fights, stay away from you tube videos of the game even parody stuff.
10: DO not switch to another MMO, Console games that end are ok.

11: Pray to jesus for the strength to forget the game because its like quitting heroin minus the withdrawels.

Godd bless hope this helps those who cannot play casually.