Quit WoW Addiction, Win at Life.

Once a fun game to play made real life seem pointless.

I bought world of warcraft because i thought it looked pretty good. After a few weeks I was immersed in playing the game. Months past and my parents worried about me. Any opportunity of time I had was spent in game. It wasn't like any other games i had played. This game felt comforting. Like i belonged there. My friends called several times but i just told them i was busy. When ever I had trouble with the internet I found my self getting angry not only mentally but physically. In fact i was so dedicated to playing it I ran up a 200 pound phone bill to the game company because hackers had accessed my account. Eventually I was a mess. I had become fat, unsociable and a failure in school. Three years later however i reunited with some real friends and gave my addiction up. It felt great to finally have a real social life. Sometimes the urge to log on is still there but fortunately hackers have seen to that again and i'm glad they did :) thanks for reading.