Quit WoW Addiction, Win at Life.

No Wow in 2011

Well, I have been playing Wow for probably about 18 months, My Main was Stokey a lvl 80 Rogue on Alonsus. Wow isnt just a game, It ends up been a Bloody Career, Lvling Professions and Skills just to make more gold and buy the best in game items, Pretty soon it became more stressful than actually working for a living lol.

I could get in from work at 6pm, Log straight onto Wow and then suddenly realise it's 4am in the morning.

I do miss the game, I quit the day Cata came out and thoughts of i must just start again to get to 85 keep crossing my mind.

But, I bit the Bullet, Cancelled my Subscription and deleted Wow from my PC.

I quit Wow 17 days, 9 Hours and 47 minutes ago, Not that i'm counting :-)