Quit WoW Addiction, Win at Life.

My WOW life is important to me

I play WOW. I am pretty addicted, and although I am admitting that I have an addiction to it I have no plans to stop.

I look at my addiction to WOW as a good thing (in some ways). WOW costs me roughly $20 a month to play, and it's the only game I play. WOW saves me money because I can rely on it to entertain me instead of having to buy a new $70 game every month that often fails to hold my attention for more then a week.

I have a lot of real life friends who play WOW and I keep in contact with them through WOW. There is often somebody to chat to whenever I am playing, so I don't look at my time playing WOW as an anti-social activity. I'm actually more social with people because I can talk to them about my WOW experiences.

When I play WOW I work with other players to conquer to dungeons or raids as a team. If I play a game like Call of Duty I usually end up getting in verbal arguments with players online Xbox Live. Which is more beneficial to me? WOW by a long shot.

I really can't think of anything negative that WOW does to me. Logging onto WOW is similar to meeting up with a group of my friends. I know that it affects other people in different ways, but in my life it has had a positive affect and I hope it continues to do so in the future.