Quit WoW Addiction, Win at Life.

my thoughts, after three years in real life :)

Hi. Great site. I am 23. I used to play video games since I was a child, especially enjoyed ones with multiplayer options.. Diablo 2 was my favourite. I could progress really easily, gather fancy things for my characters, time was flying. I spent so much time online I almost dropped out of high school after missing three months straight. My father worked abroad during the week and my mother thought I am at school.

I got to a point where I got very angry with Diablo, I even burnt the CDs ritually. I always thought when I played that I could have spent all this time with meaningful things.

It was about the last year in high school with pressure on assessments when I joined my classmate in World of Warcraft. I loved the game and I could play it anytime. I had no plans for next year either. It was fun, playing with friends, progressing easily. I spent about 150+ days gametime online.

I got fed up and I tried deleting my characters, my account, changing passwords. I always managed to get them back somehow... I wrote a lot on forums discussing my wow addiction to try and find out how to get rid of the game.

My admission to the university I applied to was unsuccessful and my cousin invited me to work in England. I went there and worked as a luggage porter. From there I was changing letters with a girl I liked in Hungary and then we met in year.

Since I met her I barely play video games at all. I got enrolled in a degree program in Art Media Design and work in a hotel at the moment...

We have easter break from school, I should be finishing off work for briefs and now I have the itch of playing WoW. I played with the trial, and it's still the same thing as it was before. My mind tries to convince me, play, it is useful, blah blah blah, but I know it is an excuse, easy satisfaction source. Natural, biological process which feed on these games. After a while it leads definitely nowhere.

There are so much more to life one can do.

Be strong. Take responsibility. You are the boss of your life after all. Not blizzard or anyone else. Try yoga, wall climbing, zazen, painting, drawing, japanese films, italian films, animation, tanning under the sun, read philosophy, or anything you find worthy... You can get "experience" and professions out there that will make you thousand times more satisfied than anything in world of warcraft.