Quit WoW Addiction, Win at Life.

my story

I have been playing warcraft for a long time. I started playing with the origional game. I then played 2 and 3. I started World of Warcraft 2005 I think it was. I started when my marriage was beginning to come to an end. I did it so I could ignore the constant nagging from my ex-wife. Unfortunatly I began to play so much that I started ignoring my daughter as well. I quit after getting my first toon to 80. It wasn't worth it to me. If I wasn't working, or sleeping for 3 hours a day, I was face first to the computer screen.

I met my now fiance and she helped me quit. I didn't play for around 2 years. I started again less than a month ago. I still don't have an 85 yet, im trying to limit my time to a couple hours a week. No more than 5 hours a week max. I know how hard it is to quit and what it can do to you and suck you in. Be strong