Quit WoW Addiction, Win at Life.

My fiance is an addict :(

I used to play WoW; never to an addiction level, but would have a few marathon runs here or there. Awhile back I got bored with the whole "right-click, watch computer do all the work while you supposedly attack, and press a couple numbers here and there", and just can't get back into WoW. I've been about a year or so pretty much WoW free, with a few dabbles on private servers here or there, or goofing around in a trial.

Now, my fiance on the other hand; she just can't put the game down. She's been playing for about 2 or so years now. Even though we're tight on money and I kept hearing, "we can't afford that" on little things, she just HAD to buy Cataclysm as SOON as it came out, for like $40 or $50 or whatever it is. Within a week or two she was already max level of 85. We're both medical students currently, and due to the holidays mucking up class schedules, we've had about a month off. Outside of required visits with family for the holidays, she's been primarily on WoW. I've tried to get her to go on bike rides, or to do other things, she just wants to play WoW. I kid you not, if it's not for those times that she has to go out for a doctor's appointment or for school, she's sitting on the laptop, playing WoW, most all day long. Every now and again she'll put it down and take a break, but those are few and far between, and after about an hour of break or so, she's getting fidgety and/or stir-crazy and just HAS to play WoW again. Right now due to our "main" desktop having an issue, the laptop she plays on is the "best" computer we have. I recently got into Need for Speed World, and I've been able to play it in short spans maybe 3 times in the last month; if I'm on the laptop too long, she starts getting moody and whining, "ugh, I'm bored... are you almost done on there!?". She plays so much, she's worn through 2 power-adapters for the laptop; we also *had* another HP laptop, which was in semi-not-so-good shape, and after getting it back up and running, she just HAD to install the latest WoW/Cata update on it, and crashed the hard-drive in the process.

Through Christmas Eve, most of Christmas, and New Years Eve, she was playing WoW. She paused from WoW for a short moment at midnight of New Years to toast, then right back to WoW. I one time managed to get a look at her "/played" game-time (about a month after she made level 80), and if memory serves correctly, it has a "played since level 80" or whatever, she had racked up almost 3 weeks worth of playtime within a month. I seriously think that if she could find a way to not have to sleep, that'd mean more WoW gameplay time.