Quit WoW Addiction, Win at Life.

my addiction story

I have played wow now coming up on 4 years with varying levels of addiction. WoW is a game I had been adamantly opposed to playing for a a long time as I have and can acknowledge that I have an addictive personality with a side of minor-medium OCD to add on top of that at least till I let a friend nag me into it...after 2 weeks of constant nagging. Anyway I have managed to quit the game 4 times, the first time I quit was 2 months, second was 3.5 months, third was 6 months and the last time was 4 months. I can totally feel for people that have to deal with addicts like us and I wouldn't blame them if I had a significant other leave me over this game, it pulls you in and after a while you just feel like you've wasted so much money on it that you have to justify it by playing more and only increasing the amount of time and money you put into it, and after reading the stories of other addicts on this site I am going to delete all of my characters from my account and make it inaccessible.

thanks for the stories they really made me realize I'm definitely not alone in this.