Quit WoW Addiction, Win at Life.

Losing everything, so I deleted it all.

I just deleted my wow account. I...still can't believe it. I just read these forums for the past hour, bawling my eyes out and finally just did it all in the heat of the moment.

To highlight how much I played, i had 100 days played on my main character, 57 days played on another, 43 on another, and over 20 on several other characters. I did the math, all in all I have spent over and ENTIRE YEAR of my life playing this game or at least logged in. Thats almost 9000 hours. More than I have spent in college & working my entire life combined.

I am 23 and the last few years have been a blur. I smoke a lot of weed and have for years, all while playing the game. Most players know they kind of go hand in hand. I'm also severely depressed and have been for years. I recently started seeking help for it, but nothing has been working as of yet.

I had the most beautiful, amazing, charming girl you could imagine. I was with her for 3 years. She knew I played wow from the beginning, but I never let her know how much I actually played.

Initially I tried only playing when she wasn't around, at work or asleep. That didn't work for long. Eventually we had to fight for the computer, and I ended up giving her one just so I could play for more of the day. Eventually she asked me to quit and I did, only until the next expansion came out.

With that expansion came false promises about control and caution. Everything got worse. I lost my job, but blamed that on other things. I had issues with depression, which have only gotten worse the more I played. I stopped going out to social events with her as often as I could get out of them and stayed home playing wow.

I saw this as a problem the whole time. I never did anything about it because all of my friends are hooked. We run a guild together and all that and have progressed through all the content together since it came out. To me, wow has let me keep in touch with friends of mine who drifted away.

Thing was I never really thought about how they drifted away because of the goddamn game.

So here I am, and she's finally left me. To her, it isn't because of the game. To her it is because we no longer have things in common and I dont enjoy doing the same things she does.

I used to play guitar, make films, host large parties and events etc. I travelled, snow boarded, took road trips etc. I was a fun person before, and in the past few years this game has slowly swallowed every single one of my hobbies one by one. I don't enjoy doing anything else anymore other than sitting here and smoking weed, pwning noobs in bg's.

BUT NOW IT'S GONE! There is no turning back. I deleted every item, character and the entire account. I regret it right now. I have no girlfriend and no wow, wtf am I going to do with myself now?

I don't really know. I hope I figure it out.

*Thank you, everyone here, for inspiring me to do this tonight. This was exactly what I needed....*