Quit WoW Addiction, Win at Life.

just sold it...

ive been playing for since the vanilla, none stop, lost many rl friends, thanks God my gf still with me, all i did is sleep, wake up, at first i still went to gym, later quit gym, work, come home, wow and all the same rooting, tried to quit few times, didnt help, every time i felt depressed, worst thing... i had a friend a best friend who started playing this game because of me, it ruined his life, at 1st he didnt want to play and he didnt like it much but he played cause of me, so as i found out theres nothing u can do but to sell it for a few hundreds, after u sell it make sure to burn all ur CDs with keys, so that u cant reclaim it from a new owner, its tough at least it was for me, and the thing is in some cases when people just dont have personal life, personality, good looks or charisma its even worse this game, as they think, gives them second chance for a better life, fun life, but what it really does you all know. so yeah as i recall the best solution is to sell it, since if u delete ur characters and cancel supscription, u can always come back to it by simply calling blizzard and restoring all ur characters, that way at least ull make a few bucks