Quit WoW Addiction, Win at Life.

It's finally over

I started playing WoW almost 2 years ago because my now ex fiance played a lot and I figured it would be something we could do together. At first it was casual, but the addiction quickly took hold and I started playing more than him. I came into contact with all these new people and being a girl in WoW brings a lot of attention which can really get the best of you. My fiance and I were fighting all the time about how much I played and how much i talked to some of these people out of game (he had quit over it about 6 months prior). We broke up a few months ago and i became truly immersed in the game. About a month before cata came out, I started to become pretty frustrated with the game and thought about quitting numerous times. I kept telling myself with cata it would be better. If anything, it's worse. I've slowly come to realize what this game has done to my life and I have absolutely nothing to show for it but debits from my checking account and a couple of geared 85's. Today, I made the decision to quit WoW and get my life and my fiance back (hopefully). Right now, I'm losing my raid spot because i'm a no show and honestly i've never felt better with a decision:)