Quit WoW Addiction, Win at Life.

I'm Free of WoW

I started with the trial, intending never to buy the game. Next thing you know I have a level 20 Tauren Shaman and bought a copy of WoW. I paid 2 months gametime, reached lv60, bought Burning Crusade then went 60 - lv70 in 1 week. I originally tried to buy BC expansion online, but the payment failed and my main character was locked out of the game for a week of time that i had paid for until i bought the boxed version. I complained. Blizzard ignored me for about a week and offered no explanation or my game time back. By this time i was completely under the spell. Spending probably 16 hours a day playing, and ignoring my college work completely. I installed WotLK expansion demo and reached lv74. with the trial turning off after 2 days of demo. Account frozen. Any WOW addict will understand how angry i was about that. You're supposed to get 10 GODDAMN DAYS ON THE STUPID TRIAL AAAARRRGH. I calmed myself down and calmly wrote an email to Blizzard support explaining that my trial had ran out early and I want to use the trial before I buy, as I did with Burning Crusade and with the original game.

1 week later, still no reply. I was extremely annoyed, I had been playing a free trial account new character to keep me going. I wrote another email, as I didn't even know if the last one had been ignored. This really is 50 times more frustrating for a wow addict than anyone else. When I contacted them as a new player they answered straight away and were really helpful. Contact them as a lv 75, i guess they know your addicted and they can just ignore you because they know you will have to renew your account payments.

This was what helped me to quit. I realized the anger I felt at Blizzard's non-existent customer service and thought about the money and time i had wasted.

Original game=£10, BC expansion=£15, 2 months subscription= £18.

To get my game working again without waiting for blizzard I would HAVE to buy both a 1 month subscription at £9 and a copy of WOTLK expansion at £20. So they want £29 minimum before i can play again. That made everything clear to me: Blizzard do not give 2craps about any individual gamer.

I'm am so very glad that they took nearly a whole month to reply, not answering my questions or offering any information relevent to the email i sent. Something like: 'Thank u for your email, your paid account period has expired'. no mention of the free trial. no mention of the fact that if i Paid the subs my main still wouldnt work because my character had started the WOTLK trial therefore i would need to buy the expansion to play that character again.

I understood i had a problem, and the only solution was to use this anger against the game: they treat me like crap, i refuse to pay, I don't need that game.

From here it was easy, every time i get tempted to play, I just think of my anger at that email after waiting nearly a month, they didn't even bother to address what I emailed about. Some people may think its petty to leave over a few days of free trial time, but the fact that they decide not to let me use the trial because I'll have to pay sooner really gave me the energy to say no-more. I hear things like "But just imagine how many people they have to deal with." My reply is " Just imagine how much money we are paying them to do that"

I haven't played for about 8 months now and am still at college, i now see my 73-74 dual-spec Tauren Shaman + own guild and 2 tabs for what it is: a complete waste of time and money. He is still there in Terrokaar realm never to be played again. I owe a guy 500g in that realm, I was busy slaving to get it back for him when I left. I hope he understands.

(previously ayhuasca - terrokaar realm)