Quit WoW Addiction, Win at Life.

I am a wow addict

I am a late 20's female gamer, my life is good. Loving support structure, talent, attractiveness and fun non gamer friends, life is good. I don't have an addictive personality, tried out coke and left it no problem. I smoked daily for several years, then just quit and I never think about wanting another drag. I have always been a gamer, but I was always a mac user so the online pc games I could never try out. But with the intel addition to my new mac pro, I started playing. I put my life on hold for a year and a half, did just enough to get by and keep people off my back. I got a divorce but the relationship was doomed, missed out on being there for my friend while her father died, picked a lover who played wow, I just stopped creating or adventuring, if it wasn't a wow commitment, I didn't show up. The year mark passed on the calender and I realized I was exactly where I was last year, emotionally, mentally and in my life style, and I began to put it down. Cut my wow ties, got rid of the wow addicted boy friend, started on a sever with anonymity and somewhere in there I quit. I thought it would be easy like every other change I have made. The thing is, I still think about it, almost a year ago and I keep wanting to play. Its hard for me to deal with withdrawal, its new to me. But I know, that if I was to log on, I could not play for just an hour here or there, It would be 10 hour stretches, 6 days a week. And I have work to do, one life and I do embrace it, but in the back of my mind lives the real desire to throw absolutely EVERYTHING away so I can just sit here and play wow all day, sounds like a certain kind of heaven and that's really scary... I am a wow addict