Quit WoW Addiction, Win at Life.

How WoW affected me.

-15 server transfers (25$ per = $325)
-7 faction changes (30$ per = $210)
-Approx. 3.5 years of monthly subscription ($17 per = $714)
-Mounts, & buying accounts ($225)
-Software for 2 accounts ($60 per = $120)

Total approximate financial cost: $1594

Personal affects:
-I have refused countless friend offerings to go to some non-wow thing
-I have refused numerous intimate encounters with an ex-girlfriend
-I have been on the phone with family/friends while playing
-Shame when I was playing, not exactly sure why, think I was a closet player in my life

-Many nights gone without sleep and going to work the next day
-Many times logging off and eyes hurting, head spinning, and "dreaming" of wow
-Shitty ass diet

In-game story:

I distinctly remember telling myself on my first druid "Once I get my epic land mount, I should quit" At the time, this mount&training cost me 1000g and that was really hard for my newbie self to earn. Didn't quit. This was BC and so I levelled up to 68 and got away with a cheap flight form. I then said to myself "Once I get my epic flight form, I should quit." The memory of getting epic flight form is fuzzier than getting epic land which suggests the addiction had began to spread. I was naive at one point in thinking "Once I hit 60, surely I will have no desire to continue to play"

Continuing on with the mount theme, on my shaman in Wotlk, I said to myself "Once I get 50 mounts, I should quit". This I remember distinctly doing, manually deleting all items and the the characters on my shaman and a few other toons. A couple days pass and I send a pleading email to blizzard support claiming that my account was hacked and all my characters were gone. I got a response saying that *so and so* could be recovered which was essentially 95% of what I had had. And so I continued to play, actually rather enjoying Wotlk.

Eventually cata came out, by which point I had deleted my shaman again and other toons and had a new druid and dk. Through some brute brute grind I for some reason put myself through levelling archeology in hopes to get the dragon recipe for alchemy. I got really bored with the game really fast (not by any means having run out of content, just bored), being bored coupled with people's increasing lack of patience within groups led me to "quit" in which I gave away this iteration of my "life's" earnings of 15k worth of stuff and gold (hey it was a lot to me). Shortly after that, I was day-dreaming and was like "Hey, I should make a rogue and be crazy good at 85". Got the rogue up to 70 and said fuck it. Once more I have deleted my toons, all I can hope is that I will not go back. Reading all your posts and doing one of my own have really been helpful in accepting that this game's addictive structure truly is epic.

"GG blizzard, you got me good, I was not prepared"