Quit WoW Addiction, Win at Life.

How I got out of it.

Hello i have ben addicted to wow for 3-4 years at some points it have ben really bad raiding every single day and so on i was a hardcore gamer in the best guild on alakir and so on….. you might find this funny but i quit wow by duing 3 things. i tought of my self 2 years back and asked my self what have i acomplished … and i realised it was all a bunch of pixels… funny i dident see this before..

Anyway i started with going out with my friends in the weekends and so on and now i sold my char 4 months ago and its all good (:

Anyway on the downside i smoke weed every second day now…. dident do that when i played wow (: but oh well aslong as its only weed (:

If you want to quit think back and think ... how much have i acomplished the last 2-3 years or how long you have ben playing wow... Noting just a bunch of pixels .. and wow is a game where the chase for the Relentless glad sword or W/E is much more fun then when you get the item .... also think do you have any memories of having fun in the game ? either you have 2-3 or you have abselutly noone....

Anyway get your self some friends or if you have some try spending time with them and most importent sell your account and trow out your CDs....