Quit WoW Addiction, Win at Life.

Grad Student Want to Know More

Hi, my husband and most of his friends have at one time or another been addicted to WOW, and even though I have never played I know the language and what it's like to fall asleep in bed alone because my husband has a raid, or waiting for him because it's snowy and icy out but he needs the new one at midnight or anyway you know. I am trying desperately as a licensed alcohol and drug counselor to do some research for an academic paper I am writing about online gaming especially WOW- as an addictions professional I can not do my job correctly if I don't know more about this and can educate my peers. If anyone is interested I would like to interview them- anonymous through the web and would like to gather some information that is not from my husband or his friend- by the way my husband has been WOW free for quite some time now- but he always picks it back up eventually. Thank you.