Quit WoW Addiction, Win at Life.

Final Quest

I have to leave the Game. That's how my story starts - I haven't quit yet - but I know I need to. I'm a father of three and my greatest concern is that my kids do not follow my obsession with this game.

I have been on top of the WOW world, but have floundered in the real world.

The time has come for my most challenging quest so far: to quit WOW. My reward: the rest of my life. What better achievement than that?!

Sometimes (sadly) I realize that if all of the electricity on this planet was interupted then there will be no WOW, no toons, no digitized landscapes, and no purpose. In the end, the best challenges weren't in this game, but in life.

I do not blame Blizzard as others have. Not their fault I have a weakness. As a company I wish them well.

And to all of you, I wish you peace, whether you continue to play WOW or not.

I'm off to the real quests and real toons in life; the ones I have ignored for so long now.