Quit WoW Addiction, Win at Life.

Filling The Gap

WoW addiction is a painful thing, of this I am certain. Though its roots lie more in the individual personality of the addict than in the tendency of the game to lure players.

I found myself one night back from high school bored and as usual without any activity to amuse myself, and so i turned to a game that had only since been hinted by old friends at jr high, as "wow".

Seeing as i had so little interests in my life to occupy myself, i dived in, and the first high of excitement had me hooked.

It struck a chord with me, as i had been previously addicted to other MMORPG's and found them all unnappealing but powerfully luring.

My social life, or lack thereof, is in part to blame, seeing as what few relationships i did find broke down or had very little meaning to them. A steady downward spiral helped on by the promise of virtual reality ensued.

Many of you I'm sure had become aware, that after a significant span of time had passed, you found yourselves envying the person on the screen rather than the one in the mirror.

The promise of endless occupation was too good to resist, and so did i fall prey to my need for self gratification.

To my initial point, I am now leaving the game, hopefully for good, having found no more enjoyment is bartering time for Purple Pixels.

I'm left with the hefty task of assigning meaning to a now mostly empty life, and with every passing moment my will is tested to avoid a relapse. The game itself is uninstalled and so has its replacement, Starcraft II, which had become a fallback addiction.

So many things in life can be taken to heinous extremes if we find ourselves lacking balance. I hope this can serve as some sort of catharsis for those trying to find the power to speak on their own behalf. You are not alone.