Quit WoW Addiction, Win at Life.

clean and sober

I haven't logged in for 10 months. I quit because I played the game nonstop. It was the first thing I did in the morning and I stayed logged in until I fell asleep some time in the early morning. The only time I ever did anything else was during system maintenance, on Tuesday mornings.

My entire life was out of balance. I felt unable to cope with real life, and thousands of hours of precious time were lost. Maybe I got into the game because I was depressed, but playing the game didn't bring me out of my depression.

One day, I asked my best friend to keep my authenticator and talk me out of logging in if I asked for the number. Then, I changed my password to one I had never used that wasn't easy to remember. I didn't write it down anywhere. Meanwhile, I planned several things for myself that I knew I would enjoy intensely: trips to visit friends, art projects, reading. I deleted the game from my computer, but left all my characters there. I did NOT sell off or give away anything. I just walked away.

The few friends I felt I wanted to keep in touch with, I invited to be my friend on Facebook. Most of them friended me, but only a few of them still chat with me at all. Some of these 'friends' did not care about me at all outside the game. I have reconnected with my real life friends and family.

Despite KNOWING the game isn't good for me, I do miss it sometimes, and I'm very tempted to play it. However, it has gotten easier as time goes by. For one thing, it would be difficult to log in. I can't remember the password and I no longer have the authenticator. I did tell my friend I wanted to play several times, and he talked me out of it using the same reasons I had given him for quitting.

As fun as WOW is to play, it's ultimately very unhealthy for those of us who have addiction tendencies. There are those people who can play one or two hours a week, but this forum isn't for them.

I am MUCH happier and healthier since I quit. Once again, I am doing things that I used to love. Instead of living a fantasy, I am experiencing life the way I want to.