Quit WoW Addiction, Win at Life.

The actual end of the game

Ok i shared my story with you all some time ago, (and the vid section thanks admin) and sypathise with the stories i have just read greatly. But deleting your characters is really important to stop playing. I relapsed and spent many more weeks because i didnt do that first time I decided to quit. Ive now done the following:

*Take photo of all the disks
*Snap them to pieces
*take more photos
*Email blizzard to please delete account. (There is no functionality on the website to do this - awaiting reply)
*Post images in forums to cause discussion.

If you do this, just remember to delete your characters first, you could get some great youtube hits if you record it. I should have done that.

I didnt delete characters before uninstalling, i should of filmed myself deleting them before uninstalling. The reply from blizzard will be posted here when i recieve it.
Thanks, see you again. Good Luck all