Quit WoW Addiction, Win at Life.

For 5 long years

I have been playing for 5-6 years, and most of the time I have been the maintank of my guild progressing through tiers from vanilla to Cataclysm. Many nights I have been sleepless, tormented by mistakes I have been doing, "ruining" for my guilds progression, competing with other tanks, arguing about raidtactics and so on. Even if I have had so many great times in this game, it has completely worn me down emotionally.
I started to play online games at 27 after a bad relationship break up. Now Im 33 and have avoided girls completely in fear of beeing caught up in something that would come in the way of my tight raidingschedule. 6 years of what should have been the primeyears of my life.

I took a look at my total playtime on all my characters and found out that I have about 1 year and 7 months spent logged on! That is just insane, and made me feel depressed. On top of that i have spent all the time not online, doing research about gearupgrades, writing on guild and gaming forums, checking bosstactics and so on, even from the computer at work, thought I have been unemployed dfor the last year and a half..

Now I have de-signed from all raids and decided to take a break, but I feel so guiltridden for letting my guild down. I know they will find a new player, but beeing one of the old time coremembers and the most active tank, I know it will be a serious blow to the guild. I fear my life will feel empty without wow and that I will miss my guildies too much, but Im hoping to ride it out.