Quit WoW Addiction, Win at Life.

4 Years Later

I started playing WoW back in the summer of 2005. From the very first day I began playing, I loved Azeroth. The magical environment, the inspirational soundtrack, thousands of real people playing and the variety of things you could do in this world captivated me. I never lost interest in the game. For the first two years, I played causually, only on weekends and in the holidays, until the release of TBC. That's when everything became serious, when I became addicted.

I'm not entirely sure why I suddenly became addicted upon the release of TBC. I never raided, or PVP'd seriously. I never belonged to a top ranking guild either. In fact, I spent most of my time happily questing away in the Outland, with the occasional PuG. I think it was because of my long six week summer holiday, I just had the time to invest in WoW, and got wrapped up in it too much.

It was my parents who noticed my addiction. I've always done well at school, been very close to family, had a good social life, worked on the weekends for my parents' business and enjoyed many activities. However, during my addicition, I hated, truly hated, going out with family during my 'WoW time.' I never organised anything with my friends, I sulked about having to work during the weekends, I dropped all my interests... just because of WoW. I became withdrawn, irritable and lifeless. My parents noticed, so for the sake of me, they cancelled my WoW subscription, and took my computer away.
I don't remember much after that, for the next few months. All I remember was that I was constantly pining for WoW, and the days were slow, agonizing and depressing. I'm not sure when I pulled out of the trance, but I definitely did. It is possible to pass that painful stage of craving.

Now, about four years later, i'm going to be sitting my GCSEs in less than a weeks time. I'm a straight A/A* student, and I will be attending college this September. I cherish spending time with family and friends, I'm thinking of going into either Law or Medicine as a career, and I have lots to look forward to. It is possible to get your real life back on track again.

Looking bad, I was young and foolish. The worst thing for me though is that I lost a lot of trust from my parents, and I know how much I disappointed them. It's taken me years to rebuild that trust. However, I don't despise WoW. I actually have many good memories on that game, I've become a lot more mature and appreciative and I learnt some life lessons from there too. I began playing again this January, just for three hours every saturday night, to help me relax, and it's been going well. If I ever find myself thinking about it too much, I remind myself of those days, and put things back into perspective. WoW is fun if you play in moderation, but please, if you know that you won't be able to do that, just drop it, cold turkey style, as difficult as that may be. I was forced to do it, and I managed - so can you.

Now, I'm moving on in life, and enjoying it too. If you're thinking about quitting yourself, don't conjure up excuses to put it off, or deny that you're addicted when you know you are. Face up to reality and move on. I'm 100% sure that if you do that, you won't regret it, and in a years time, you will look back on WoW with a different outlook and realise many things that you never saw before. Good luck! :)