Quit WoW Addiction, Win at Life.

3 years now (rl calendar)

My son (then 26 yrs old) bought Wow approx 3.5 years ago. I watched him playing and was amazed so I started playing. Yes, I started at 49 years old! Now at 52, I am ready to quit. In those 3 years of playing, I have neglected my health mainly. I have been playing from sun up to sun down all this time. Because of the lack of exercise and sitting for long periods of time at the computer, my legs are not like they used to be. They hurt and it is getting worse. I believe, no matter your age, anything that keeps you from using your physical body for such long periods of time, day after day after day, is bad for you. Sitting in front of a computer for as many hours as most of us do who are addicted to Wow can actually cause deadly medical issues, blood clots being one of those! I am trying hard to quit. I have canceled my account and in my 4th day away from it. It is hard. Wow was my life. My characters have become part of me it seems and I am having trouble not seeing them. Sounds crazy I know, well maybe not since most of us here are in the same situation. I put so much time and effort into these girls of mine that I feel like I am walking away from 4 very loved friends. I have to leave however. For my mental and physical well being. I just pray I can do it this time! Good luck to everyone trying to quit.