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The man who jumped the train and never returned

So I'm currently an ex-Wow player, been playing since around 2005 on and off.
While WoW is rather liberal with the game time (you can just pop right in, do a hour and then quit while some other games will consume your time with puzzles which can take days to solve), it's mostly extended to the point where you will be spending every second trying to achieve something in the game.

While many say that one symptom of an addiction is denial I would strongly disagree, it's if you're in control or conscious of what you are doing if you are not then you might be addicted.
And to tell you the truth, I've never felt that.
Every second I've played on WoW, I've enjoyed, I didn't play it because it was some job I had to maintain or something like that.
Not at all, I did it to achieve something in the game which gave me joy.
Be it competitive in the guild or just some silly mount, it still was joyful and really kind of an new way to gain experiences in life (some more benefiting than others).

And while this may sound a bit like a requirement back to WoW.
It isn't the point.
It's to raise awareness that as long as you can control and see what you're doing and you're fine with that.
Go and do that.
I quit WoW whenever I felt like it, because I knew that I wouldn't loose anything.

But to sum it up and to have a little tips on how to make sure you never get way to hooked on WoW or anything, simply think this:
"Friends, Family, Others before the game/work/etc.".
Thanks for reading!


WoW wants you to stay addicted

I started playing WoW around Christmas 2007, and didn't stop until April 2009 or so (right about after Ulduar came out). Essentially, my second half of my freshman year and all of my sophomore year of college. My grades tanked--I was an engineering major and apparently the stuff you learn in sophomore year are important to the other years. My grades only began to recover the second semester of my senior year when I had finally caught up.

In order to quit I first weened myself off by playing ES IV (Oblivion). It was so liberating to be able to pause the game and quit whenever you felt like it. I met my girlfriend September 2009, and she showed me the futility of games generally. There's no point in sitting and staring at a box all day. Even if you do well in the game, what does that matter?

I remember my ex one time complaining that he couldn't put guild-leader on his resume. I think that's when I realized I had to quit. That on top of the fact that WoW isn't a fun game. It's a grind, and it's exhausting.

I sold my account, and it ended up getting completely banned. It didn't matter. I felt so free and clean.

And then, Blizz allowed WoW to be free to play under level 20. I immediately took advantage of these trials, and the next thing I knew, I had purchased up through WOTLK (it was only $10 each...Cata was out at that point, and you got free months of play).

Yet I started grad school so I let my "free" game time run out. I was great, I was clean. And then I logged in the other day at had a Cata 10-day trial. I don't want to play again. Yet somehow I am now looking at a level 71 char that used to be 60 a few days ago. I even purchased the $10 copy of Cata because of the discount.

My free trial runs out in a half an hour, and I already want to go back. WoW wants you to stay addicted--that's why it's always free to play. Even a few bgs that go horribly, and I want more. I know that if I play, if I hit the level cap, if I begin raiding...I know that this won't make me happy. I know that any victory is fleeting and at the end of the day, my head is dizzy from playing. Yet I have this impulse to keep going.

I never thought of it as an addiction before--I always thought because it wasn't an altering substance that didn't really make sense. But I realize something. I'm hiding my playing from my girlfriend now. And that seems like a dark and scary road. Some people solve this problem by playing with their significant other. But that seems even further removed from reality than needed.

I feel like I need help, and I'm glad I found this site. I hope people can understand that Blizzard just wants your money and wants to find ways to manipulate you into playing again. I feel like a fool for having purchased the $10 Cata. Even with the newest expansion I really don't have a desire to play. This game is terrible and getting worse.

I think I'm going to turn to books to save me this time, not Oblivion. But what bothers me is even getting rid of your major account isn't enough. The impulse never goes away, and I don't understand how this happened to me again.


My former best friend will NOT get off this game.

He has not quit yet, and I don't think he will. He plays from when he gets home at 3 all the way until 2-4 in the morning. He wakes up and is tired as hell, and this is a cycle that repeats indefinitely. He has no real friends other than me and a few other guys, and is extremely socially awkward because of his WoW addiction. All he talks about is the game, and he makes tons of references to it in real life even if nobody gets them. He is never seen without his laptop, and if his laptop (even as school or work laptop) can't run the game on max settings, he refuses to buy it.
His parents are also rich, so he can use their credit card to buy new shit for the game and they wont even notice.
I hate this game with a passion, Blizzard NEEDS to address addiction on their website. This is freaking ridiculous how people lose their ENTIRE lives due to a fantasy world. To hell with Blizzard, who is even WORSE than activision, and to hell with that friend. I can't even stand him anymore because of his addiction.


World of Warcraft

Ha, I'm a 26 year old male and about a year ago I quit playing wow. 4 1/2 years prior I was known as either Arielle or Jezielle, depending on the realm I played on. It started out amazing, best thing since sliced bread, and soon I was in head over heals. I became one of those players who knew everything about the game: the lore, the way things worked, the exploits, how to get stuff done, multiple realms economy and guild political status. My wife, family, job, and many more things soon began to here all of this. All I could talk about, all I could think about, and do in my spare time was wow. I quit about 3 or 4 times before actually quitting for good. I tried other mmo's, I tried deleting my toons, I tried attaching an authenticator and then "loosing it" but successfully found ways back to wow after each one. Finally, I deleted wow and even dropped Windows as my computers operating system. It would be harder for me to play wow if I started using a linux operating system like Ubuntu. Wow has no native client and I'm a complete and total noob on a linux computer. So that's what I did. Immediately I found myself wondering what to talk about, wanting to play wow again and reading up on ways to get wow to work on ubuntu. About a year later after quitting I still think about wow, go to the website, browse forums and stuff like that. It's not as bad as it used to be and the feeling of wanting to play slowly slips away as time passes. A part of me would like to get my hands on an mmo, anything at this point, but it would be just another timesink. I try to live my life in a way where I can end up saying "I don't regret doing hardly anything because it makes me who I am". However, I do regret wow. If I would have known this is the struggle that was coming that game would have never made it onto my desktop. It's nice to see websites such as this where people can talk about their warcraft addiction without being ridiculed or talked down too by someone who doesn't understand. As for my Jezielle, she'll just have to be frozen in a virtual world. It's time to move on and has been but that first step is so hard to take. Still feels like my foot hasn't fully moved.


A New Life

I just took a 16 Lb. sledgehammer to the fallowing CDs; WOW, BC, WotLK, and CAT. I am going to burn the rest of my WOW crap. I am starting to remember the good things called life, love, work, and responsibility. I'm doing things a man should do, instead of playing that black hole of a game, such as working like God intended and earning money to support my wife. This is only my first step yet what a big step this is.